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Letter sent on Dec 4, 2015

8 Fun Reads for the Weekend

Friday is finally here! Time to kick back, grab a tasty beverage, and check out some of the awesome articles that Life Learning is featuring this week. The perspectives and insights you get from our contributing writers is one of a kind, so enjoy!

Digital Nomadness — Life as a Nomad Cartoonist at Sea by Sarah Steenland

“I’ve had my training wheels on for around three years… living, traveling, & running my freelance cartooning business on my sail boat.”

The Dirty Secret Behind the CEO Paying His Employees $70,000 Salaries by Elle Kaplan

“As for the “Robin Hood” like move to raise salaries? His brother’s lawsuit was served two weeks before the pay raise announcement (not after like Dan claimed), when Price’s salary was $1.1 million, and well above the $700,000 average for similar firms.”

6 Additives and Toxins that Hide in Healthy Food by ʎǝɹdsɐ ǝʌɐp

“Many foods marketed as “healthy” are anything but, once you peel back the layers of what’s really been added during the manufacturing process. On top of that, man-made and natural toxins may contaminate some foods that appear Bulletproof at first glance.”

Dispelling The Myth That “Success” Must Take A Long Time by Benjamin Hardy

“There is a growing collective consciousness that the old rules and systems governing the previous generation’s thinking were fundamentally broken. The education system, healthcare system, food industries, retirement model, and our addiction to pharmaceuticals is ridiculous.”

The Rest is Never History by Isaac Morehouse

“The rest is history” really means the rest is a longer, slower, less interesting slog through every mundane challenge and self-destructive mindset imaginable. It means the rest of the story is something that can’t fit in a 2o-minute interview and doesn’t make for inspirational story time.”

The One Side Project per Year Challenge by Samantha Zhang

“This sounds really dumb if you look at it this way, but in real life I just can’t help but do it. Then I start researching on those ideas, evaluating their potentials, and the time passes by. Like xkcd cleverly illustrated out here, I actually spend more time making the choice then working on my projects.”