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A Message From The Mission

You haven’t heard from us in a while. Here’s why…

Dear Medium Followers,

We just wanted to drop in and give you a huge THANKS for reading, listening to, and supporting our work!

Maybe you’ve been following us and already know this… but we were selected ‘Best of 2018’ by Apple for our podcasts The Mission Daily & The Story!

We have also started partnering with some of our favorite celebs to narrate them. Jeffrey Wright (from Westworld!) and Alec Baldwin! Hayy ohh!! More to come on this. 😏

Because of your love and support, our network of podcasts has been growing rapidly. Many of you have asked how to join our community.

You can join our community by subscribing at Mission.org. It’s 100% free.

We now have seven (yes, seven!) amazing podcasts!

The Story — Selected by Apple as ‘Best of 2018.’

The Story presents the unknown backstories of people who changed the world. Each episode is a mini-historical biography and includes life lessons and actionable insights from the most courageous and successful people in history.

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The Mission Daily — Selected by Apple as ‘Best of 2018.’

Learn at least one new thing each day that will help you level up your health, wealth, wisdom, career, relationships, and business!

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Marketing Trends

We interview innovators and leaders in marketing to deliver you the latest trends and strategies you need to stay ahead.

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IT Visionaries

IT Visionaries is a bi-weekly podcast filled with actionable insights, stories, and trends that matter to information technology leaders driving innovation.

In each episode, we focus on an emerging trend and deep dive into how you can apply this in your organization.

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Education Trends

Education Trends is your #1 podcast for news that matters in education, college, technology, leadership and the science of learning.

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Future of Cities

A better future won’t happen unless we build it. Future of Cities is a new podcast where we explore the latest trends in cities, and how we can plant proverbial trees for the future.

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And, most recently added, The Journey!

It only takes one idea or one story to change the whole trajectory of your life, career, and work. In each episode of The Journey, we talk to entrepreneurs of all stripes, so you can prime yourself with the knowledge and mindset you need for your own journey.

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But perhaps most important of all…

We’ve acquired some new mascots! 😁 👇👇

Thanks for standing by us on this journey. And remember, we always want to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback! Hit us up on Twitter and Instagram at @TheMissionHQ.

Lots of Love,

The Mission Team

(P.S. — Interested in joining the team? We are interviewing candidates for a Head of Community role at Mission.org. If you’re experienced with social media, writing, and have a quick wit — or know someone who does — reach out or refer them here!)

To always stay in the loop on what is going on at Mission.org (and to receive our world-class newsletter), don’t forget to subscribe.



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