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A Tool For Every Ecommerce Need

All of the MarTech tools that ecommerce brands should be using to optimize the customer experience

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For more than two decades, Dan McGaw has been engrossed in the world of marketing technology. And through the years, there has rarely been a new MarTech tool that Dan hasn’t given a shot. Why has he placed such an emphasis on knowing the latest tools available to marketers? Because every company, big or small, needs to invest in tools that will elevate their business rather than slow it down. Some tools are better than others, and sifting through the rubbish to find the diamonds is a daunting task. That’s where McGaw and his company, McGaw.io, come in.

“Our company mission is to help companies of all sizes realize that their customer data is their most valuable asset,” McGaw said.

In order to do that, McGaw tests out and implements various tools and operations for brands of all kinds, including King’s Hawaiian, Hydro, and many more.

Regardless of who the client is, McGaw says more often than not, the problems companies come to him with are very similar.

“There are two primary problems that most companies have… they either lack visibility into their customer journey or they lack the ability to engage in the customer journey,” McGaw said. “The fundamental problem that we see most companies have is that they just don’t have a consistent taxonomy across the stack… So that foundational thing is the last thing everybody focuses on, but when they get that right and it works across the entire stack using a unified taxonomy,, they really are able to create magic.”

By implementing tools and data recycling, McGaw says that magic is easy to create, and it’s also easy to do things such as personalization, multi-touch attribution and so much more if only the brands would understand what data they have and how best to put it to use. A lot of the responsibility to make changes and use data to improve the customer journey falls to marketers. It is them, McGaw said, who have to deliver what a customer wants on a silver platter.

In order to do that, you have to go beyond the obvious first steps and reflexive actions. For example, instead of simply sending a cart-abandonment email, you can implement a tool that looks at a customer’s browsing history to reach out to them and re-suggest some of the things they were looking at but maybe didn’t have time to actually buy or even add to their cart.

“Just because I didn’t add it to my cart doesn’t mean that I’m not interested in it,” McGaw said. “It means I probably have a five-year-old that’s distracting me and I didn’t get to add it to my cart. So we see allowing people to pick up where they left off as a really, really easy thing to do.”

Another easy and cheap thing that brands are missing out on is optimizing direct mail, which is one of the simplest ways to personalize an experience. To find out how, and how to easily implement some multi-touch attribution, tune in to McGaw’s interview on Up Next in Commerce, here.

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