Add This to Your (Not) To-Do List

The Mission Newsletter, 11/8/18

“I recommend you take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.” –Earl of Chesterfield

Thursday Thoughts 🤔

Why Everyone Should Have A “Stop Doing” List

“Every year I evaluate my obligations, focus on what’s most important to me and create a ‘stop doing’ list. This amazing exercise really frees up time for reflection and long-term planning, the very activities most likely to propel your life — and your business — forward.
Here are five tips for creating your own ‘stop doing’ list.”

How To Rapidly Double Your Brain Power With The Einstein Technique

“If you’re like most people, you attribute Einstein’s creative breakthrough to a mixture of his quirky genius and his daydreams (one of his most famous was visualizing what might happen if he chased a beam of light).
But, as you’ll see in this article, the actual story of Einstein’s creativity is much more interesting and instructive. It’s NOT the story of a genius doing something we never could. It is the story of someone using a set of strategies that anyone can replicate in order to have creative breakthroughs.”

Corporations Are Dead.

“In the 1800s, there were exactly zero corporations with more than 100 employees in the U.S. But then the Industrial Revolution happened.
As we quickly embraced the power of technological innovations like the steam engine and railroads, our overall standard of living improved immensely… Now, the rise of networks will bring about a similar paradigm shift — akin to what we saw in the 19th century. Rather than put our money into corporations, we should invest in networks because they bring democracy, an abundance of wealth, and an improvement in everyone’s standard of living.”

Education and the Black Experience

Episode 13 of Education Trends

When she was admitted to the A Better Chance program and placed in an elite college prep school in California, kihana miraya ross saw how different the experience was from the public schools she had grown up in. Since, she’s dedicated her academic life to studying how black students have learned in the past, and how they might be better served by education in the future.

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News That Matters:

- Don’t have time for a long work out? That’s fine because even a little bit of walking is good for your brain.

- Three reasons less is more:

  • No matter the question, stillness is the answer.
  • It’s about memories and experiences, not things and possessions.
  • Breadth and variety can be a lot of fun, but depth and loyalty are more fulfilling.

- Look out Amazon, Walmart is opening a cashierless Sam’s Club store.

- There is no such thing as a superfood. Marketers are just trying to trick you.

- Cheddar continues to expand in the education space by acquiring Rate My Professor. Here’s why this matters.

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