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Adopting an Omnichannel Strategy to Reach the African Consumer

Effective strategies for targeting the African consumer and how B2B marketing is on the rise in a continent of 1.2 billion people

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Every corner of the world is different, and that means the way consumers buy and absorb media is different as well. In the U.S., email is a massive channel for brands to reach customers. But what about on continents such as Africa? With a population of more than 1.2 billion individuals, what drives the African consumer? What channels are businesses using to reach them, and where are some of the biggest differences between them and the western consumer?

“When you look at the products that are coming externally into the market, digital transformation over the last five years has been driven significantly by mobile,” Elo Umeh, Founder and CEO of Terragon Group said. “That’s the same across the world. From a MarTech perspective, and also the way people interact with their phones and talk to their phones on the internet and also SMS, I don’t think you can build up a MarTech solution on the continent if you do not take into consideration web channels and non-web channels.”

Over the last five years, Africa has seen a boom in its start-up ecosystem, which has meant opportunities for Terragon Group, a matech service that uses data and analytics to help companies best connect with its customers, grow it’s brand across the continent.

“People are now building services, products, and services on-top of the networks and on-top of what the telcos have been able to achieve,” Umeh said. “The possibilities of what can happen with that sort of infrastructure has taken-off. However, the depth of innovation we have seen is really five years-old, and the financial technological system has taken a lead there.”

On a recent episode of Marketing Trends, Umeh explained some key differences between the African and American consumer, why email marketing is not a big driver for his customers, and how Tarragon Group is using data and analytics across all channels to help its customers effectively reach its desired audience.

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