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An Open Invitation To Talk About Diversity, Feminism And Women In Tech

This is an attempt to address the responses to my post on diversity from last week and an invitation to discuss it in an AMA.

A nod to those who influenced my tech journey

To the feminists who are upset with what I wrote

Some protests, some activism and a lot of peaceful and collaborative activities instill empathy in people.

To those who are upset that women even want diversity

To those who have questions about our hiring practices at UrbanAMA

  • First of all, we don’t have an “outsourced” team. We are a dual-homed team in Silicon Valley and Hyderabad. One of the co-founders lives in Hyderabad and we built a team where we could afford it.
  • We advertise our jobs through a multitude of platforms as we see fit. We are big believers in referrals from past colleagues and employees. Drawing conclusions based on a casual Google search does not give you a sufficient perspective.
  • We do the best with the finances we have. If you are an investor who wants to consider giving us some money, I’d love to talk :)
  • My co-founder and I are into building inclusive teams and creating supportive work environments for all of our employees. If you have ever worked with either one of us, you know it’s true. If not, you just have to take my word for it. Without our team, we would not be here and we are deeply grateful for their efforts.
  • We built a team that is continuously learning and improving. That’s who survives in our team. No, this is not always evident from interviews. It’s a startup — it ebbs and flows. There’s grunge work to be done. Not everyone is up for it. And yes, men and women who weren’t up for it ended up leaving.

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