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Are You Parked or Navigating Life?

In 2013 I developed a program called The Power To Navigate Life which was supported by a book that attracted interest from the award winning, New York Times best selling author Dr. Eldon Taylor who wrote the foreword.

I’d like to explain the concept of the book in this article, since the program has helped many hundreds of people to heal emotionally and physically over the years,

The Power to Navigate Life is the culmination of over ten years of personal experience, as well as observations working one-on-one with clients and facilitating workshops and seminars.

The Power to Navigate Life offers an opportunity to step into a new way of creating your reality.

When your level of awareness begins to evolve and change, so will your level of consciousness begin to adapt and evolve.

The concept of Navigating versus Parked is represented by a symbol depicted as the expression of life. It is here that I began to see two components to it.

The graphic shown above represents two elements that are indicative of how we experience life.

The inspiration for this symbol was taken from the Yin and Yang symbol; opposing forces are complementary and interconnected to form the whole.

It is a map of life, which is cyclical in nature. You will note there is a flowing of energy from one side of the chart to the other. There is no stagnation at any point.

On the left hand side, represented in red is the Parked station. The top of the Parked circle is represented by Preparation. If you follow the arrow in a counter clockwise direction you arrive at Recovery at the bottom.

Following on from recovery, there is a dotted section which makes up a complete circle.

Immediately after recovery there is a grey area in between, known as transition. This transition area is indicative of the transitions that we undergo in life.

What is compelling about this chart is that it allows us to view life from a bigger picture, rather than becoming invested in the small details and aspects.

When we view life from this perspective, we can see that there are no mistakes, but rather movement of energy from one area to the other.

I represented Parked purposely in red to highlight its metaphysical relationship to being stuck or parked in a car.

When you think of being parked, there is a stagnant energy about it as you are not going anywhere.

You are enclosed in inner space and unable to move freely. This is the feeling that comes to us at moments of our life when we feel there is no direction or purpose to our life.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. What I would like to represent in this diagram is one of two components:

Being Parked represents the transition to the next phase, which is Navigating Life. We repeat the cycle of being Parked and stay within the red circle until we have learnt the lesson.

It is worth noting and understanding that the process of life is cyclical and if we are to create our own Personal Power and lead a rich and rewarding life, it is essential that we know where we are within this cycle.

The Preparation phase on the left hand side represents a learning point for us. It illustrates something that we are ready to learn, or understand before we transition to the next phase.

A good way to understand preparation is that sometimes we may have experienced a number of setbacks or failures in our attempt to pursue or attain a goal.

When entrenched in the day to day running of our life, it may appear as a setback, when in fact it is a preparation for the next phase that will soon follow.

The next phase that follows can be seen at the bottom of the red circle on the left-hand side. This is known as Recovery. The Recovery phase is almost the free intermediary stage before we transition to the green Navigating side.

When we are in the Recovery phase, the opportunity to learn our lessons becomes invaluable before we proceed to our next life’s lesson.

Many people feel like skipping this stage in order to attain whatever goal they have been working toward.

For example, if your goal was to find a new job with a rewarding career prospect, you may have stumbled on what appeared to be roadblocks and unsuccessful job interviews.

These Recovery phases provide sound learning before you transition into the Ascension phase of the Navigating cycle, as illustrated in green on the right-hand side of the diagram.

The grey area in between represents the transitory phase that one experiences during the course of their life.

This is not seen as good or bad and it must be highlighted that the diagram is not indicative of good or bad circumstances, rather events that dictate the course of life.

Recall a moment of your life when you were in transition. This may have included leaving a relationship that ran its course. The relationship may have been personal or business.

You may have seen the end of a job and decided on another career. During this time, you decided to take some time to investigate other options for further study or self-improvement. You may have been unsure as to where your future was heading at the time.

This constitutes the Transition phase, since there is an element of the unknown — this may be viewed as a positive phase, for the excitement and unfolding of events in the future will dictate the course of your life.

The point worth noting is that you should not become invested in any one area of life. Everything is continually in transition.

Life is perpetual and cyclical in motion. The diagram serves as a reminder or compass to chart your journey.

When you view life from this perspective, you will come to appreciate there are no mistakes and everything that happens to you, flows through you.

You become the conduit and expression of life, for there are no mistakes in the journey, which ultimately allows you to arrive at your desired destination.

Transitional phases within life are essential components insofar as they allow us to prepare for the next phase. If we look to Mother Nature, we notice that transitions are also evident.

Spring precedes summer as does autumn to winter. The seasonal changes allow for different cycles in nature.

There is harmony in unity and there is perpetual motion that is forever taking place if we allow the process to unfold by removing ourselves from the drama.

Moving onto the right side of the diagram, we are now Navigating Life. When Navigating Life you are in command of the life process and there is harmony and unity in every action.

Hopefully, all the preceding events that took place in the Parked and Transition states have now been secured, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

You will note that the top of the circle in the Navigating aspect is denoted by the word Ascension. The Ascension phase is that aspect of life when you acquire or gain a new learning or an understanding.

It might be that something had to close in the Parked state in order for something new to open and reveal itself.

Sometimes these things might include relationships, whether they are personal, romantic or business or even career or financial.

The key understanding here is that by something falling away, allows you to open the door to something new.

For most people however, when they are entrenched in the drama of their life, they often see a negative event as such.

The truth of the matter is that life is far more whole and complete when we allow ourselves to step back from the entire picture and allow the process to reveal itself.

In doing so we see the gift that had to take place, and that it is an essential part of allowing us to arrive at our destination.

Hopefully, by viewing life from this perspective you begin to see that all your thoughts, deeds and actions are evolving for your highest good.

Once we transition through the Ascension phase, we move on to the Completion phase. There is no set time between these phases. For some it might take weeks, for others it might be months or even years.

The key element here is not to be tied or bound by time, for the Universe works in mysterious ways and in a timeline not of our own accord.

It is at this point we learn to relinquish and handover, with no need to control life or events, by becoming less invested in the outcome and more attuned to the lessons that we learn.

As the lessons we learn ultimately create the person that we become.

It is clear that there are steps in life that are essential to your personal growth. Fast tracking these experiences leads to lessons which are missed.

These lessons form vital tools and resources to help you Navigate Life effectively.

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