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Become the Best Version of Yourself

13 Ways to Reach Your Potential

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1) Be ready to shred your old self completely.

2) Acknowledge your fear. Then, tame it like a master.

3) Vigorous self-education. Read. Get Mentors. Observe. Experiment.

4) Prioritize output over input. Don’t get trapped in eternal study!

5) Think long term — like 10 years down the road.

6) Be 1% better everyday. After a year, you’ll be 3700% better.

7) Amplify your strengths. You can be anything, but you can’t be everything.

8) Form your success cabinet and shoot for the stars.

9) Give what you have. What are you rich at? Figure that out.

10) Solve real problems and adjust along the way.

11) Keep a journal. Help your brain to keep up with its thoughts.

12) Build momentum smartly. Think big, start small.

13) Last but not least, be macro-patient, micro-aggressive.

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