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Becoming More Than a Brand Inside and Out

How brands should be engaging their employees and customers in order to tell better stories and add more value

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Everything you put out as a brand should be interesting, it should be relevant to your consumer, and you and your employees should be proud of the final product, campaign or piece of content. So why then are so many brands finding that the people who work so hard on the marketing materials aren’t sharing the end result?

Max Summit is a marketing consultant who has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world — Adidas, Lululemon, Athleta, the list goes on — and regardless of the brand, whether they sell online or in brick and mortar, Max knows that true connection with customers start with the connection internal employees have with the brand and the work they do for it.

“The true measure of whether your work is adding any value or is exciting people is whether or not your employees are naturally promoting that work,” Summit says. “Very often it does not happen, you would be shocked how many times even sitting in a marketing function living it day in, day out going through the blood, sweat and tears will team members refrain from posting. I think it’s just that there’s very little work that I think is being put out into the world today where employees take pride in wanting to showcase it and really wanting to advocate for it.”

So what’s a brand to do when it finds itself in this situation? Summit advises doing post mortems for all the projects you work on, and let everyone who was involved give honest, anonymous feedback. From there, you can improve for next time.

But whether or not employees are sharing content isn’t the only internal part of the business that should be looked at. Summit says that the heart of many brands’ problems lies in the fact that they can’t figure out what their unique selling proposition is, and then how to use that in all areas.

“You have to ask yourself and your organization, what are you as a company uniquely qualified to give to the world?” Summit says. “Brands that aren’t having those honest conversations with themselves, I think their desire to want to jump on something that is currently mainstream but not necessarily an element that trickles down back to their DNA and their structure and their organization. It doesn’t take long before it’s a domino effect. It doesn’t take long before you see all of the pieces falling at the same place.”

Too often, brands rely on their products to carry them along. But Summit says that it’s critical to offer more than that. A brand needs to add value to a customer’s life in numerous ways. How should brands do this, what kind of influence should the retail team have in this, and where does AR/VR fit in? Find out on Up Next in Commerce.

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