Best Practices From 4 Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Learn from the best campaigns to become a powerful influencer marketer

Mar 16, 2018 · 5 min read

Influencer marketing is becoming a common strategy to develop brand image, awareness and to drive sales. Many companies have been really successful in using influencers to connect with their consumers. But working with influencers is not easy: brands need to partner with influencers who resonate with their targeted audience and to create customized content to ensure the impact. There is no magic recipe to create a successful influencer marketing campaign, but we have learned a few things from our past experiences and are more than happy to share.

We have come up with 4 successful influencer campaigns that were run in the past year. Here is a little summary of what worked:

#1: Axa : Niche influencers for a specific use-case

Axa is a global insurance and asset management company. Their main objective is to protect their clients, individuals as well as compagnies. To promote their new home insurance, they wanted to prove their plan covers absolutely everything, including goods that have a high sentimental value. Their 360 communication plan relied on this big idea and they used influencer marketing to promote it directly to a targeted audience.

Axa chose to work with 4 content creators treasuring a cherished collection of sneakers, watches, hats or bikes. They all discussed their passion in a video broadcasted on Facebook and re-used on Axa website. The enrolled influencers created 19 pieces of content, driving 90k impressions.

What Axa did right was identifying influencers with a strong passion shared by their audience. Partnering with influencers whose values fit squarely with those of your brand is key. To do so, check their content, their network, their statistics and their audience demographics. An integrated solution like Lefty can provide you with these information.

Axa also insisted on creating very qualitative content, producing professional videos which particularly appealed to the influencers’ communities.

#2 Merci Handy: A high visibility product launch

Merci Handy sells simple but fun and desirable beauty products, from hand sanitisers to toothpastes and face mists. Their refreshing scents and their attractive designs and colors have made them famous. A few months ago, they launched a collection in partnership with Disney, starring the legendary heroes Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald and Daisy. Merci Handy wanted to promote this special edition and drive conversion through promo-codes on a short time lapse.

Merci Handy organised a gifting campaign, reaching out to hundreds of influencers. About a hundred profiles received the product and posted beautiful photos of the new Disney collection on their social networks. They also gave their audience promo-codes, to trigger purchases. In a couple weeks, the brand got hundreds of posts and reached 7 million persons.

The success of this campaign is largely due to Merci Handy’s ability to quickly push this exclusive edition everywhere on social media. Using our influencer platform, they contacted influencers at scale, resulting in a huge coverage on Instagram.

They also used customized promo-codes which allowed the brand to identify top performing influencers with whom they could develop a long-term relationship.

#3 G.H. Mumm: Viral UGC for a high-profile event

Maison Mumm, founded in 1827, is one of the largest Champagne producers. The brand is famous worldwide thanks to its French savoir-faire with a lifestyle touch. As such, the brand has become the official sponsor of the Kentucky Derby Race. Mumm wanted to celebrate this sponsorship by creating user generated content around the brand right before the event.

Mumm used influencers to launch a viral contest to trigger large-scale UGC production. The idea was to create the largest virtual toast ever by publishing videos of Mumm champagne toast on a dedicated web platform. 27 American influencers coming from New York, Los Angeles and Miami were recruited for the campaign. They all posted their toast on social media and invited their community to do the same. 400 posts were published on the website prior to the race, creating a buzz right before the event.

The secret of this campaign success was to amplify a cool concept with urban; lifestyle influencers in line with Mumm’s image. This great combo proved appealing to communities on Instagram who wholeheartedly took part in the campaign and in turn produced quality content thus creating virality. Having a good concept is key to any campaign but it needs to be supported by the right influencers and with a simple call to action.

#4 Tinder : A branded series on social media

Tinder is the biggest dating app, but it stands for more than just dating. Tinder is about bringing together people who have never met before. The brand wanted to remind a large audience that using the app is not just for romantic purposes but for spontaneous meetings with new people and the thrill of this experience.

Tinder wanted to create fun, emotional and relatable content to promote this vision of the app to Millenials. They decided to create a mini-series designed for Instagram, starring young influencers, targeting the French market. They partnered with 9 top influencers, known for their hilarious videos. Each week, they were paired and sent on a fun road trip around Paris where they discussed their exciting experiences with Tinder. 7 episodes were published on Instagram, for a total of almost 6 million impressions.

Tinder managed to create Millenial-friendly content thus anchoring their presence among this coveted pool of future users. Video, humor, friendship are values that resonate with young people and Tinder identified the right influencers to deliver their brand message.

As influencer marketing has recently become a strategy of choice for brands, 2017 has witnessed some highly successful campaigns, such as the ones discussed in this article. From fashion brands to apps, all industries have made influencer marketing an integral part of their marketing plan. We expect influencer marketing to continue to grow and to get more professionalized in the coming months. Consequently, the competition is rising among brands to work with top influencers. To avoid the pressure, marketers need to pick their influencers wisely, both to avoid fake influencers and to target the right audience. But the real key to continuous success and long-term connection with consumers is to focus on authenticity. In this respect, the quality of influencer partnerships will be the greatest challenge for brands in their future campaigns.

Written by Camille Brahmi, CMO at Lefty, the most exhaustive Instagram influencer marketing solution. Create powerful influencer marketing campaigns with Lefty. Sign up for free.

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A network of business & tech podcasts designed to accelerate learning. Selected as “Best of 2018” by Apple.

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