Billion Dollar Startups Save People Money

Jayme Hoffman
Jan 23, 2017 · Unlisted

Sarah Tavel put together a great post and presentation on how successful startups save people money.

Here are a few more ways I think we can save people money and startups that are currently helping.




  • Landed: crowd-funded teacher loans.
  • Sindeo: compare thousands of loans
  • Point: sell a percentage of your home.



Home Insurance

  • Lemonade: text 4 home/rent insurance.
  • Super: subscription care for home ( home warranty 2.0 ).

Furniture / Equipment

  • Hutch: on-demand furnishing.
  • Nebia: water-saving shower.
  • June Oven: Easy-bake Oven with AI.
  • Echo: search engine for your home.



  • Uber: tap a button, get a ride.
  • Beepi: buy a car online and get it delivered instantly.
  • Tesla: the future.
  • Metromile: pay-per-mile insurance.

Fuel / Maintenance



Eating at home

  • Ando: Chinese takeout + Uber.
  • Gobble: easy-to-make dinners in a box.
  • Instacart / Shipt: grocery delivery.
  • Soylent: meal replacement drink.
  • Ibotta: coupons 2.0.

Eating out

Pension / Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance:

  • Ladder: modern life insurance.
  • Trov: on-demand insurance for all your stuff.
  • Sure: micro-duration insurance.


Health Insurance

  • Oscar: modern health insurance.
  • Stride: find and compare health insurance.

Medical Services










Daily clothes cost a lot of time ( 16min per day ) and money. It should be more acceptable to wear the same thing or have an outfit chosen for you. Access to underutilized or special-occasions inventory should get better.

Cash Contributions

Donations should be treated with the same level of scrutiny as investments. “What’s the roi and how big can this get?”


Student debt

Online learning


Drinking at home

Drinking out

  • Beerme: no more waiting at the bar for a drink.

Personal Care

Traditional products have big margins and lack personal experiences.
E-commerce should continue to provide 10x value for much less.


Fake news is rampant, quality journalism struggles to coexist with ads and It’s tough to digest everything on the go. Someone will make affordable reading mutually beneficial to readers and writers.


Thanks for reading!

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