…Breathe in, Breathe Out…

The Mission Newsletter, 9/11/18

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see.” — Confucius

It can be so easy to fill space with busyness, silence with noise, and to ignore the need to be still. Today, on 9/11, we’d like to give you a moment to reflect. To simply be present.

An Interview with Riva-Melissa Tez

Episode 100 of The Mission Daily

It’s The Mission Daily’s 100th episode! 🎉 🎉

To celebrate, Chad sits down with philosopher, writer and venture capitalist Riva-Melissa Tez. They discuss how Riva got into venture capital, the future of AI, tech, and why Silicon Valley has a “problem” problem. Read more about Riva here.

Listen to Episode 100 of The Mission Daily!

News That Matters

Spoiler alert: Your skin wins.

Your face has an enemy and that enemy is acne. Acne should be scared. Very scared. There’s a new vaccine making waves in the labs and it might be the vessel for all your hopes and dreams. The first-of-its-kind medicine would reduce the inflammation response the body uses when toxins are secreted by bacteria in the skin. While scientists have had success so far with zitty mice, human testing still needs to be done.

Special message for those of you drinking dog pee to eliminate your pimples: Please, just don’t.

30 never looked so rich.

Do you daydream of retirement in your 30s? Would you like to be a millionaire? Did you answer “duh” to both of these questions? You must be a FIRE baby. Millennials are sick and tired of soul-sucking, high-pressure jobs and starting the revolution known as “fiscal independence, retire early (FIRE).”

“Followers of FIRE tend to be male and work in the tech industry, left-brained engineer-types who geek out on calculating compound interest over 40 years, or the return on investment (R.O.I.) on low-fee index funds versus real estate rentals.”

Peace out.

Change your working life.

Yesterday, we told you making decisions is hard. Today, we’re here to announce, it’s still hard but not as hard! (See the difference? One word is in italics.)

Introducing the Decision Matrix! Shane Parrish of Farnam Street has distilled the essence of all decisions down to four possibilities. While the matrix won’t make decisions for you, it will help distinguish between what’s important and what’s just stressing you out.

Join us at SIGNAL!

If you don’t have your ticket to SIGNAL yet, head over to signal.twilio.com and get your ticket for 20% off by using the promo code: MISSION20. The Mission team will be there, so please drop by and say hi! 👋

This is wild.

WIRED’s headline kind of speaks for itself: “New Ejection Seat Makes Rocketing Out of a B-2 Bomber Surprisingly Safe.

“The ACES 5, which could also see use in the forthcoming T-X trainer jet, uses everything from nets to gyroscopic rockets to carry pilots from a plane that flies 50,000 feet off the ground at near supersonic speeds to the ground with minimal risk.”

The U.S. Air Force used to be happy if pilots simply survived an ejection. Now they expect their crews to not only survive, but be able to walk away. Progress!

Stepping on a LEGO may soon be good for Mother Earth.

The toy block company is planning to refab its product so that it can move away from petroleum-based plastics and toward a more eco-friendly brick. By 2030, the company believes all of its products will be made of recycled materials. LEGO brought in $1.2 billion in profit last year, so it has a lot to live up to and a lot of parents to impale.

As stacked as college can get.

If you want to become an entrepreneur, you’re going to need some funding. Pitchbook just released a new listicle ranking the 25 colleges that produce the most startup founders based on the amount of funding they receive after graduation.

Stanford came in №1 on the list with 1,178 entrepreneurs and $28.84 billion in capital raised. Rounding out the top five: UC Berkeley, MIT, Harvard and UPenn.

The Best of Who We Are Talking To

Join us for a LIVE interview today at 3:30 pm PT!

We will be interviewing Rapper and Entrepreneur, Divine! 😎🎧🎶

If you haven’t heard Divine’s story before, then you need to tune in.

Divine’s career spans unlicensed pharmaceutical sales, hip hop/rap, incarceration and a successful escape, and now technology entrepreneurship.

Add the live interview to your calendar.

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