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Building a Successful Customer Experience

The link between a brand and its customer experience

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Stacey Epstein is a fierce competitor, relentless marketer, and a woman who flat out understands SaaS. Part of that competitive fire is what has led her to be a four-time, first-team all-conference soccer player during her collegiate years at Emory University. And that relentless attitude is what’s helped her succeed in the roles of CMO and CEO. But no matter how much hustle you have, don’t get those C-level titles without fully understanding every ounce of your business.

“As a marketing leader, I would never want to work at an organization where someone just says, here’s a product, go market it. When you get to the C-level, you’re part of the decisions about where the company’s going. By the time you get to the tactical part of launching a product, I’ve been part of the whole process and so I already understand the value proposition. I already understand why this is going to be a powerful solution for the market. I already understand how a rep can be successful selling that. So I would encourage anybody in marketing to think that way.”

But when you’re a part of those C-level conversations, you’re also the one responsible for driving results for your department and the company. For Epstein and her team, that meant piecing together a campaign that helped people think about field service differently.

“Think of all the opportunities to delight your customers, to drive revenues, and not just be a cost center. We wanted people to think of field service differently. So our tagline in those early days was ‘Rethink field service.’ We really came out strong with a message around, ‘This is not a cost center. This is a revenue center with cloud with mobile.’ So wrapping product, wrapping capabilities of new technology into it, just think of the possibilities of what you can do in your field service team.”

On a recent episode of Marketing Trends, Stacey, the Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer for ServiceMax, details successful go-to-market strategies that her team followed when launching ServiceMax 360, and she explains the importance of getting to know your customer at all levels in order to create the most effective and seamless customer experience possible.



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