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Building Brands Rooted in Mission with Fjällräven’s VP of Brand Experience, Jean-Marie Shields

The importance of staying true to your brand’s values and mission

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There is one simple tip to keep in mind when it comes to brand building: know who you are and what your mission is. That’s advice from powerhouse brand builder and VP of Brand Experience for Fjällräven, Jean-Marie Shields. As she explains it, when you have those core tenants down pat, the rest of your marketing can flow naturally.

“We’re a 60-year-old company and our whole mission is very simple — it’s to inspire people to walk with nature. In marketing or branding, we use that message for everything we do,” she said.

Throughout her career, Shields has worked with some of the world’s most well-known brands, from Nike to Lululemon, with a stop at Starbucks in between, and she’s helped grow some of the world’s most loyal customer bases through the power of storytelling and mission building.

On a recent episode of Marketing Trends, Shields touches on how Fjällräven used an agile marketing strategy to deliver an empathetic marketing campaign throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and how those tactics carried over into their 2021 marketing strategy.

“This last year taught us to be very flexible as a brand, but also be really grounded in who you are. When things get scary or uncomfortable, I think it’s really important as a brand to really be grounded in what your mission is.”

To hear more about Fjällräven and insights on why branding and messaging is a two-way conversation between brands and consumers and what’s ahead for Fjällräven is 2021, check out the full episode of Marketing Trends!

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