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Burger King’s Head of CX on Providing the Best Experience to QSR Customers Beyond the Drive-Thru

Angelo Frigo, Head of CX and Digital Product at Burger King, discusses building digital experiences that drive engagement and sales from customers who have not always been targeted.

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Picture this: You’re driving down the road and you see a familiar sign that gets your stomach grumbling, so you quickly pull into the drive-through, place an order and, within minutes, you’re enjoying a tasty bite of what you were craving. That’s not a hard scenario to imagine. Odds are, we’ve all gone through that exact sequence of events in our lives. And that’s great for those businesses, and even for other stores where the foot traffic drives people in to shop. But that kind of customer isn’t the only one you should be relying on. Smart operators know that there are huge portions of the population who don’t often find themselves in those serendipitous moments when they can make that impulsive decision to buy something on the spot. Angelo Frigo is one of those smart operators, and as the head of customer experience at Burger King, he is trying to move beyond the drive-through and reach customers in new, exciting ways — particularly online and through Burger King’s digital app.

“In general, the quick serve restaurant market is a very impromptu decision,” Frigo explained. “It’s something that you’re not thinking about until you see that sign in front of you, or you’re driving around and you need to eat within the next 15 minutes or something to that effect. So it’s something that there’s not a lot of advanced planning. So what we try to bring to that is really just knowing who they are and what they like so that they know what they’re going to get is going to be the way that they want it with the customization in the app. So you can set up your favorites, you have a lot of control over every individual component of the meal, which is I think a really critical benefit of digital services and digital ordering.”

At Burger King, specifically, Frigo and his team have been building out new experiences and opportunities for customers on the Burger King website and through its app. Everything from a Bitcoin giveaway to loyalty points are on the menu, so to speak.

“Lots of really great digital transformations are happening at Burger King and across the QSR industry,” Frigo said. “What I was brought in to help with is exactly that — it’s looking at the importance of digital in that whole market and that whole industry to bring greater convenience to the guest to bring greater personalization and really help expand the reach beyond the drive through. That’s a lot of ways, the biggest competitor to digital transformation and the industry, because the drive through is already fairly fast and straightforward. So we are trying to think through how can we help them get delivery to their home? How can we help them have a better pickup experience? How can we help them with curbside table service, to see other ways to fit this into their lives when they’re not right around the corner from us.”

To figure out the answers to those questions, Frigo isn’t putting blinders on and looking only at his competitors. He’s broadening his view and trying to bring forward an atmosphere of experimentation by encouraging his team to look for ideas anywhere and everywhere.

“I especially like to look outside of our industry for inspiration,” Frigo said. “There’s a lot of copying, and as a customer experience [guy] who is really designed and innovation-minded, I really like to bring prototyping as a capability to our teams to think through several different ways of solving a problem, rather than just gravitating to the one that’s most familiar in the industry.”

Which brands and industries is Frigo looking at and how is he experimenting with customer experience now? Find out on Up Next in Commerce.

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