Certainly Sexy: 4 Sure-Fire Areas to Automate Your Fitness

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Efficiency and delegation are increasingly becoming more important in our everyday lives. Time is the only resource in our world that there is a finite amount of and we are always trying to find ways to increase how much of it we have control over. Whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, mom or dad juggling kids and a house, or a combination of many roles; we are looking for more freedom and more time.

Productivity hacks fill the internet with different ways to increase this time freedom, but when it comes to our health, most of us are still very spartan when it comes down to it. “I can grab this by the horns and force my way into looking good naked”. We often have this spark of motivation for a month or so, then it fades away when other “more important” areas of our lives take over.

It’s time that we start to prioritize and automate our fitness, so that we don’t give in down the road. Here are four areas where automation can help.

Meal Kit Delivery Services

Strapped for time and hate putting together options for your meals? Your best bet at automating this is stepping into the world of meal delivery services. Meals ready to be put together are delivered to your door, usually with two or more other meals for the week.

If you listen to podcasts, chances are you’ve heard many ads for Blue Apron. The big kahuna of meal delivery services sends you meals at around $10 per meal. The meals range in calories from 500 to 800. You can choose your preferences for the types of food you receive; such as vegetarian options or the types of protein you get.

Another option in this space is that isn’t talked about much is Sun Basket. Sun Basket excels in their packaging and ready to create meals. Most of their sauces and spices are ready made and all of their packaging is easily recyclable. The cost is similar across the board with other meal delivery services.

Vegan? Or a big Tom Brady fan? Purple Carrot is a high end meal delivery service started by the NFL champion quarterback.

Grocery Delivery Services

Like to work around the kitchen, but hate fighting traffic and walking through the aisles of your local grocery store? Sometimes going to the store could be a two hour event, what else could you do with an extra two hours on the weekend? If this hits home with you, a grocery delivery service might be your answer to automating this area of your fitness. If you find yourself walking through the aisles and putting too many treats in your cart, take yourself out of the equation.

Shipt is a grocery delivery service that offers your groceries to your door in sometimes an hour or less. They deliver for free with orders over $35. Who can keep their orders under $35? Not me. The process is as easy as signing up, downloading an app, choosing your purchases, then choosing your delivery options.

Instacart works in the same fashion. Check out your location and see what delivery options you have in your area.

Meal Planning and Prepping

Ahh meal planning and prepping! The most Instagram-worthy posts you might find in this field, other than half-naked pics of greek gods and goddesses. All joking aside, if you are strapped for time and like to make last second unhealthy choices, your best bet is to make your decisions beforehand and plan your meals throughout the week.

Some easy meal formations should include a palm sized portion of a protein source (chicken breast, grassfed ground beef or lamb, grassfed steak, salmon, etc), a fist sized portion of vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, carrots, brussel sprouts, etc), cooking those in a healthy fat or adding some avocado, and including some form of smart carbohydrate (sweet potato, rice, quinoa, squash, etc) depending on your fitness goals. If you are looking to get swole, up your portions. If you are looking to get cut and lean, take them down a notch.

(Here’s the meal template I used to lose over 30lbs)

Plan all of your trouble meal times throughout the week. When do you get caught up in your cravings and splurge when you don’t intend to? Make those meals when you have some free time during the week. Place them in easy to use containers such as these. Bento boxes, or containers with multiple areas to place food, makes it easier to distribute your portions and separate your food types. Take the meals with you to help yourself make better choices for your fitness.

Get a Coach/Trainer

The best in the world, in whatever they do, have coaches and mentors. The surest way to success is to learn from those who have done it before and can help guide you to getting where you want to go.

Model someone who is already successful because success leaves clues. -Tony Robbins

Gary Vaynerchuk never made fitness and health a priority in his life. It was all business all the time, until he saw pictures of himself speaking at conferences. These pictures showed him a person that let it go and was a little more round than he wanted. What did he do? He hired a coach, Mike Vacanti, to follow him around to make sure he ate what he was supposed to and work out every morning.

Now do you need this type of coaching? Maybe, maybe not. You might just need someone to write you up a plan and keep you accountable, or you might need a trainer at the gym taking you through your workouts every week.

Whatever your health and fitness goals are, there are coaches that can help you get to your destination.

Automating your fitness takes temptations and willpower out of the equation. Self-sabotage and doing what feels good in the moment become long lost issues. Commit to your form of automation for the long term and you are certainly bound to be the sexiest you yet.

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