Choose How You Feel Using Technology, with Scott Donnell, Founder of Hapbee Technologies

Scott Donnell, Founder of Hapbee Technologies, discusses investing in, testing, and bringing to market a technology to improve people’s lives, plus all of the marketing, consumer education, and supply issues that went with it.

Nov 18, 2021 · 3 min read

Every company will tell you it sells something that will make your life better, easier, or more efficient. But at the end of the day, how happy are consumers with all of the things they buy? Or, better yet, how happy are consumers in general? Hapbee is a company that is focused on both of those questions, and the founder of Hapbee Technologies, Scott Donnell explains that it took quite a long time to figure out the right answers to those questions.

“Our parent company invented this almost 18 years ago and it’s been under wraps for a long time,” Donnell says. “As you can imagine, if you can get the digital imprint of a molecule and play it on somebody and they feel similar, that’s a worldwide win.”

The technology that Donnell is talking about is what powers Hapbee’s device, which sends out frequencies that give you the effect of certain drugs or chemicals without needing to ingest them. So if you’re looking for a kick of caffeine, or some melatonin to get to sleep, Hapbee creates what’s called blends to give you that effect just through low frequencies. If you’re thinking, that’s crazy, or there’s no way it could work. You’re not alone. The inventors were saying the same thing early on, and they set out to prove themselves right or wrong.

“[The inventors of Hapbee technology] had this idea that what if Einstein was right?” Donnell says. “What if everything is connected through sound? What if our cells communicate through sound? You study the body, your brain actually throws off a magnetic field. Your heart does too, any electrocardiogram will show that right? Your body hums at 72 megahertz. If you’re healthy, your brain at 90, and sickness starts at the low, the high fifties. So this is actually how your cells interact. This is how your protein receptors switch on and off. This is how a lot of the world works. And that was the crazy idea. What if Einstein was right? And can we prove him, right?”

They did. The technology exists, it’s been tested, and thousands of people have hitched their wagon to Hapbee as a revolutionary piece of tech. From biohackers to scientists to doctors, Donnell says that people from all walks of life have tried Hapbee and have immediately been hooked on how effective it really is. And as a business owner, there is nothing more powerful than the word of a happy consumer.

“All we’re doing is letting our customers speak for us,” Donnell says. “We’re trying to educate our customers on how it exactly works so that they can tell their friends and their networks and their family…​​And we’re trying to use experts now to be our mouthpieces. And then we’re letting the customers and their reviews speak for themselves.”

At the end of the day, though, Donnell isn’t doing this for the good reviews or money in the bank. He has bigger plans, and he suggests other entrepreneurs think big, too.

“If you don’t have the why, the money will not work for you,” Connell says. “There have been so many times in Hapbee where we’re like, what the heck are we doing? This is hard. This is painful. This is exhausting. We’re broke. But the why and the mission, right? We want to impact a hundred million people’s lives and reduce their suffering with Hapbee. Just that mission brings the right people on board. There’s staying power to it. You can get through so much with the right mission and the right why.”

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