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Choose Your Own Adventure with VMware’s Jason Conyard

Why choice, equality, and inclusion matter at VMware

Photo by Victor Garcia on Unsplash

No one wants to be forced to do something. Whether it’s the newest “best practice” or the “old standard,” people and companies want to be able to choose the path for themselves. At VMWare, the company that offers their tech stacks and service to many of the big companies, the idea of choice is taken to another level.

For VMWare’s CIO, Jason Conyard, it means recognizing a shift in the world around companies and enabling them to choose what they run, where they run it and how they run it.

“VMware is kind of like Switzerland in that regard,’’ he says. “We’re helping IT professionals and companies move their workload. So, whether they’re virtual server workloads or even modern applications around workloads, it is really important in giving companies that choice.”

How customers interact with technology and solutions, and then removing some of the frustrations associated with it, is high on the agenda for Conyard. He uses a term not often associated with technology, “delighted.”

“We pay very close attention to how our employees interact with our technology and increasingly how our customers and our partners interact with technology and the solutions we deliver, because we want them to have an amazing experience,” Conyard says.

When it comes to new ideas and innovation, nothing is off the table at VMWare. Conyard’s emerging technologies team is actively encouraged to think about and create a plan for how companies will want to work in the future. “

We do a lot of experimentation”, he says, noting his teams “are constantly coming up with new ideas and we try them and if sticks, great, we’ll iterate and continue, and if not, close the book and say, well, that was great and put it on the shelf for either another day or a doorstop.”

VMWare’s commitment, Conyard says, “is that any device, any place, will become true.”

So where does the inspiration and enthusiasm that Conyard has for innovation come from? How does VMWare deliver on its mission to remove frustrations in dealing with technology solutions and enhance experiences and what’s next in its mission to be an engine of change? To find out, be sure to tune into Business X-factors.

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