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How Truff Sells Products … By Not Trying To Sell Products

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Business owners, operators, marketers, really anyone who works at any company is always aiming to do one thing: sell products. So when Nick Guillen and Nick Ajluni, the co-founders of Truff, say their strategy is to do the exact opposite, it makes you sit up and listen.

“For us, the worst way to try to sell a product is to sell a product,” Ajluni said. “We want to make an amazing product, present it in an amazing way, and if it’s not good people won’t buy it and let the authenticity just speak for itself.”

In Truff’s case, the market has spoken and it says the product is very good. It’s the №1 hot sauce brand on Amazon and was included on Oprah’s favorite things list two years in a row. And it all started when Guillen and Ajluni got their hands on a valuable social media handle, @sauce, and then created a product that could take advantage of the space.

“Nick and I had essentially reverse engineered the product for social media,” Guillen said. “You look at our bottle, it has the really shiny, sexy, custom lid. It has ‘Truff’ very clearly written down the front. You could easily understand what it is very quickly. Black truffle infused hot sauce. Truff, one clean bold message. And then along the way, we’ve always tried to lead with value across the board. That goes with the relationships that we’re building, the content that we’re putting out. We never try and create transactional relationships. Everything that we do is to satisfy a need that people have.”

Truff doesn’t sell itself on social media. Instead, it builds relationships with customers and creates content that the average person would want to see rather than an ad they would typically scroll past. There is no pitch or coupon code, there is just engaging content.

“There’s never been a CTA at Truff,” Ajluni said. :There is no CTA. The CTA is that there’s no CTA. Don’t buy our product. We’re not here to sell you our product. We’re here to make great products and present them in cool ways and if people want to try them and buy them, that’s the cherry on top.”

Truff has seen a lot of cherries, and it continues to expand its product catalog and customer base. To learn more about how, tune into Up Next in Commerce.

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