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A 10-part list for participating in the latest tech gold rush

I. Setting the Stage

This stuff is complex, even for a veteran technologist like myself, so the first step anyone interested in crypto or investing needs to do is get up to speed. That means lots and lots of reading. Walking through forums, doing Google searches, reading blog posts, following along on tutorials. Setting up a wallet, investing in some like Bitcoin or Ethereum and seeing how the whole thing feels.

It feels very much like the startup of the AI resurgence at the beginning of 2016, only it’s now a year and a half later and lots more money is being made, pumping even more attention into the sector.

Eventually I’ll write up my own fully-formed thesis on the subject much like I did for self-learning AI that set PROME into motion.

But for now, let’s just learn together, shall we?

II. Step by Step Resources for Your Own ICO

I’ve gone through and done most of the heavy lifting in terms of shuffling through the crap to find the gold. So, skip that step and start with what’s below. We’ve approached it from the standpoint of you wanting to create your own cryptocurrency and do your own ICO roadshow, to participate in this latest rush of gold.

  1. Explaining an ICO and how it works: FX Empire
  2. Top cryptocurrencies by current valuation (i.e., market cap): Coin Genius
  3. Framework for valuing crypto tokens: Coin Desk
  4. Independent ratings agency for understanding what’s a scam and what’s a worthwhile investment: ICO Rating or Smith + Crown
  5. Learning the coding language of money: itnig
  6. Tutorial for creating your own coin to a wide audience: Ethereum
  7. Read what others have to say about current ICO launches: Bitcoin Talk
  8. Advisory services for preparing your ICO: Argon Group and Vanbex
  9. Explainer and branded content videos to help market your ICO launch to millions of people: The Mission
  10. Example of one ICO launched on Medium from the former founder of FAB: Pepo

Sean Everett

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