Did You Fall For Great Marketing Or Is This Really The Life You Want?

We were in a coffee shop when my friend admitted to me, “I don’t think I want to be an entrepreneur,” like it was a secret.

“Why do you need to be an entrepreneur?” I asked.

I knew the answer.

It’s because everyone got drunk on 4HWW and started selling a version of life that wasn’t real.

They convinced themselves and everyone else that you need a fully optimized life, like this:

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They got good at the selling part. Real good.

You did too. Email auto-responder sequences, engineering headlines for open rates, fail-safe Facebook funnels (you know the one: Ad to Landing Page to 3-Video Webinar blahblah).

Selling was not the problem.

The problem happened after the sale was made. And not the sale of the products or services. It was the real thing they were selling: The ideas.

Because that’s all we’re ever selling: A promise of a future state.

Photo Credit: Digital Marketer

Before you have our product you’re sad. You have a problem. After you have our product, you’re happy. You have your solution.

Problem: It’s 3PM. You’re starving and don’t want to do work. 
Solution: Girl Scout Cookies!!

Problem: Email overload.
Solution: Boomerang

Problem: It’s cold, but you gotta look good when it’s 17 degrees #obvs
Solution: That cute jacket you spent $900 on

To move you from Problem to Solution, they sold you an idea. They sold you what your future looks like with that solution.

They sold you who you become once that problem is solved.

But it’s not real life.

You know that and I know that.

But we like to pretend. Which is why marketing is so effective.

“What you call love was invented by guys like me, to sell Nylons.”

It’s also why my friend felt like crap about himself for not wanting something he never wanted in the first place.

Don’t fall for the trap.

It’s easy to fall prey to the cheap tricks marketers have been using to manipulate you for centuries.

“What If You Could Make 6-Figures In Your Sleep While Sipping Mai Tai’s on The Beach?”

That’s a fantasy. It’s not real.

It’s a lot harder to sell something real:

“What if you worked really hard to create a meaningful life and work you’re proud of. And occasionally, you took a well-earned vacation where you didn’t have to do work on the beach because WHO WANTS TO DO WORK ON THE BEACH?!”

Do the hard work of standing for something real.

When you own your version of the future, you can’t fooled by a fantasy.

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