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Don’t Head Towards the (Blue) Light

The Mission Newsletter, 8/14/18

“Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.” — Soren Kierkegaard

Tiffani Bova on Taylor Swift, Netflix and Salesforce

Episode 76 of The Mission Daily

In today’s episode, Tiffani Bova, Growth & Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce drops by.

Chad and Tiffani talk growth and lessons learned from some of the most successful technology companies in the world. The stories are all from Tiffani’s new book, Growth IQ: Get Smarter About the Choices that will Make or Break Your Business, which is out today!

Listen to Episode 76 of The Mission Daily.

The Mission Daily is a podcast dedicated to accelerated learning and helping you become healthier, wealthier, and wiser. It is designed to help you learn — as fast as you possibly can.

Trivia Tuesday!

Where can you find the world’s most ancient forest?

(Answer is at bottom of the email.)

News That Matters


New research in the journal Scientific Reports has found that the blue light from screens could be leading to age-related macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of blindness in the United States.

“We are being exposed to blue light continuously, and the eye’s cornea and lens cannot block or reflect it. It’s no secret that blue light harms our vision by damaging the eye’s retina. Our experiments explain how this happens, and we hope this leads to therapies that slow macular degeneration, such as a new kind of eye drop.” — Ajith Karunarathne, Ph.D., an assistant professor from UT’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the study’s corresponding author.

You can protect yourself from the blue light in numerous ways, including light-filtering glasses and turning on other lights when you’re using your phone in the dark.

Learn more: Digital Eye Strain Is Destroying Your Eyes


Bethenny Frankel went, almost literally, from rags to riches. From growing up at the racetrack to selling her Skinnygirl Margarita company for a reported $100 million, the entrepreneur has found incredible success on her own terms.

In a recent interview with Money, Frankel gives advice on how you can find your way to financial freedom.

  1. Control your debt: Frankel spent a long time in credit card debt. She says to avoid that as much as possible and only accumulate debt you know that you can pay off if all goes wrong.
  2. Make work work for you: Work hard, work accurately, and work fast. Show that you can hustle and that hustle will lead to more opportunities.
  3. Invest in your hustle: Frankel had a ton of businesses before she hit it big with Skinnygirl, but she saw every opportunity as a chance to grow and invest in something more.
  4. Spend wisely, but be generous: There is nothing wrong with being frugal, in fact, Frankel thinks that it’s the best way to be after seeing so many people live above their means. But she also recommends giving back when you can.


18-year-old Alex Webber collects golf balls from the ocean in an effort to help rid the world of a plastic pollutant that doesn’t get much attention.

When golf balls break down into microplastics, they are consumed by the lowest levels of marine life, which are subsequently consumed by the fish and wildlife we humans consume. Many golf courses sit along the water, which means that a fair amount of those golf balls wind up in the ocean. And because they sink, we can’t see them.

Out of sight, out of mind, right? ⛳️

Not for Webber, who says on a typical collection she’ll swim away with about 2,000 balls.

“If we could get some sort of legislation to where golf courses had to curb their emissions, which means they’d have to pick up their own golf balls … it would be a tremendous change in the amount of plastic, I would imagine.” — Webber

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Tech Trends

Clinical trials are hugely important in advancing medicine and furthering innovation. However, trials are expensive and when they fail — which happens more often than you think — it can damage the companies that fund the trials.

Engineers think that computer learning may be the solution to that problem. By using artificial intelligence at every stage of a trial — from selection to tracking medication usage — researchers will be able to remove some of the reasons that trials fail, such as poor enrollment and participants not adhering to the medication schedule.

The challenge will be the lack of digitization that exists currently in the world of medical records. Certain laws and guidelines prohibit medical institutions from sharing patient data or even using the same databases, so figuring out out a way to work through that issue will be the key to bringing more tech into the clinical trial world.

Marketing Trends

With a new round of funding in the bank, ClassPass introduced a free standalone app called ClassPass Go, which offers audio fitness class services in every manner of workout. ClassPass hopes the app will be a hit with business travelers especially, who are often frustrated with an inability to do the workouts they love while on the road.

“Audio workouts are one of the fastest growing categories in digital fitness given the convenience and flexibility,” said Fritz Lanman, ClassPass’s CEO, in a press release. “As we continue to expand our product portfolio to become the destination for all things fitness, audio was a natural progression in giving our members more ways to work out and non-members a reason to try us as we continue to flex our muscle in the digital category.”

Education Trends

Quantum computing startup IonQ needs more people trained for their jobs, and in the quantum computing industry in general.

Physicists like to fantasize about the potential of the technology, like breaking modern encryption methods for good, or discovering a complex molecule for a drug, but they can’t do any of that on existing quantum computers. They need to make machines that are many thousands of times more powerful, which basically means figuring out how to cram more stuff on a chip. But unlike silicon chips, many of the leading quantum chip designs require the use of superconductors that can only function at temperatures near absolute zero. They need more engineers who know how to work with super cold stuff.

To make that happen, the folks at IonQ presented the government with a bill that guides federal agencies to invest in training in the field for the next 10 years, and there is already bipartisan support for the measure. The government funding could potentially go toward helping companies train employees, and also invest in funding institutions specifically for those interested in learning the field.

The Best of What We Are Contemplating

“Having a word for something helps spread awareness of it.” -Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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Trivia Answer

Q: Where can you find the world’s most ancient forest?
A: Daintree Rainforest, located in Australia, is the most ancient forest in the world.

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