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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

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Happy International Day of Happiness! For a little throwback and to brighten your Tuesday, here’s a Pharrell Williams classic: Happy. 😊


“Our faces broadcast our feelings in living color — even when we don’t move a muscle.

That’s the conclusion of a groundbreaking study into human expressions of emotion, which found that people are able to correctly identify other people’s feelings up to 75 percent of the time — based solely on subtle shifts in blood flow color around the nose, eyebrows, cheeks or chin.”

Check out the study.


You can’t buy happiness, right? Well, recent studies show that up to a certain income, people are generally happier when earning more. The key word to note there is ‘earning’. How wealth is acquired plays a significant role in how it affects one’s emotions.

Read: The Million-Dollar Link Between Wealth and Happiness.


During her time working for tech giants (like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft), Ellen Leanse mapped how the mind works to develop systems that instilled technology habits in users. In her book, The Happiness Hack, she turns her attention away from technology and instead focuses on promoting habits designed to ‘get your life back.’

Read the book.

Tech Trends

‘Emotion chips’ have given robots the ability to empathize with human emotions and predict what their human may need.

Watch one in action.

Marketing Trends

“Today there is the expressed promise of happiness stamped on the ingredients label of nearly every product, service and experience.”

Read: Got Happiness? Where Marketing Meets the Science of Well-Being

The Best of What We Are Listening To

Gretchen Rubin is the #1 bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before. In her podcast, Happier, she gives you practical advice for how you can reframe your life to be happier. Start with this episode: Little — A Happiness Reminder from E. B. White’s Masterpiece “Charlotte’s Web”

The Story: The Woman Who Quit

Episode 6 of The Story Podcast

The young girl knew her father was dying.

She was only seventeen, but there were so many things she wanted to tell him. There were so many questions she and her family members had that she wished he would answer.

Her father’s alcoholism was something her family didn’t want to face. The only people in the family who acknowledged it were the young girl and her mother. At this point, the girl had forgiven her father for it. After all, she had no idea what he’d gone through in World War I. He never talked about it, and her imagination was powerful enough to imagine why he didn’t…

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