Drops of Genius — One Sentence Rules for Business Success #1

What are one sentence rules that have helped you attain success in business?

Here are the top picks from our diverse group of respondents…

People are the most important part of a business, because without the people there is no business.
If you want to have a great business, you need to delight your customers.
Solve a real problem, if you want to have a real business.
Pay close attention to how you make money, because it’s all about the money.

Mike Grossman, CEO of GoodHire

Never underestimate the power of appreciation.
A handwritten note is a low-cost, high-impact business tool.

Jodi RR Smith, Founder of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting

Take care of your team first as their happiness means your customers will be happy.
Your role as an entrepreneur is to start delegating as soon as you master the basic processes so you can focus on strategy, growth, and other big picture stuff.
Lastly, just because you built a great product doesn’t mean your customers will come in droves; you must work on your marketing.

Syed Irfan Ajmal, Growth Marketing Manager at Ridester

Be data-driven so that you’re making informed business decisions, whether you’re launching a new product, making changes to an existing project or making changes to internal processes.
Make your mission an important part of everything you do because employees who are excited about their mission will be more productive and innovative.

Adrian Ridner, CEO & Co-founder of Study.com

You don’t win and lose in entrepreneurial life, you only win and learn in it.
You don’t need to have the right aptitude to succeed, rather, you need to have the right attitude to succeed.
You may be down and out today, but, that doesn’t mean you won’t be up and running tomorrow.
You will fail a lot. You will experience darkness, but remember, the darker the night, the brighter the morning.

Vanky Kataria, Social Entrepreneur, Speaker, & Professor

Build something you are proud of so that you stand behind it at every challenge along the road to success.
Whatever makes you productive and get up in the morning, whether it’s exercise, meditation, or whatever…if it sets you up for a productive day, invest time in it; you’ll see benefits for yourself and your business.

Steve Brielmaier, CEO of Lamps USA

Be passionate about what you do, so you can persevere through the harder challenges that will most definitely come your way.

Vivek Chugh, Founder & CEO of Listables

Learn from as many people as possible around you.
It is as important to learn what to do as what not to do.
Time is precious, having fun and working hard are both important, you must learn to balance everything.
The key to overcoming any challenge is to first realize that there is always a solution.

Jillian Bridgette Cohen, CEO & Co-Founder of Virtual Health Partners