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Letter sent on Jul 26, 2017

Edit Your Own DNA

The Mission News: July 26, 2017

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Tech & Startups

Get $5K before you even start your AI project, no strings attached. Flash, finally, is dead.

Life & Learning

Baby talk is a serious threat to our national security. Only you can prevent these wittle fires.

Stop believing in The Muse.

Health & Fitness

Taking a trip? How about $150 to stay in a house on a Hawaiian volcano? Summer sure is heating up (heh).

The design for Apple AirPods were inspired by Stormtroopers. May the wearable force be with you.

Money & Investing

The SEC formally states ICOs are, in fact, a security. As expected, Patrick Bateman jumps ship from Wall St to join the emerging tech party. VCs and Hedge Funds can’t get enough.

Meanwhile, middle America still prefers good ole paper checks for their payments.

Stories & Entertainment

Founder & CEO of Netflix has sold over $100M of stock in his own company this year.

Atomic Blonde comes out this weekend and we’re stoked. Heard Charlize trained for hours per day for months for the role.

Science, Math & Engineering

Write your own DNA with a text editor. The future is here, today.

After Softbank’s investment in Boston Dynamics, their robotics world domination sets its sights on…vacuums? The home is the final frontier of humanoid service bots.

Society & Culture

Cuddle Pandas whilst wearing a Panda costume. Your cure for mid-week meltdowns.

If you hadn’t heard, Bieber cancelled his tour abruptly this week. Seems he did it to spend more time in the Hillsong community. Next album a Christian one?

Air & Space

Looking for someone to fund your Space Tech dreams? This new VC is coming in hot, 186,000 mps to be precise (not squared).

Take your fashion to NEO with Coach’s dreamy space collection.

Politics & Collaboration

Trump bans transgenders from the US military. You can’t battle darkness with more darkness, only light removes it.

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