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Engaged, Not Enraged

The Mission Newsletter, 9/6/18

“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.” — Stephen Hawking

Progressing IT through Business Partnership and Citizen Configuration

Episode 7 of IT Visionaries

Jo-Ann Olsovsky has been involved with technology since she first stepped out of school and into the working world. At age 19, she worked at AT&T as a technician repairing network gear and modems. She progressed through the ranks, working for some of the most well-known communications companies. Today, she is the Executive Vice President and CIO of Salesforce

Jo-Ann joins us today to discuss aligning business strategy with IT strategy, empowering citizen developers, and how to select new technologies for your business.

Listen to Episode 7 of IT Visionaries.

IT Visionaries is brought to you by The Lightning Platform by Salesforce. The Lightning Platform is a leading cloud platform that makes building AI-powered apps faster and easier.

Salesforce and Harvard Business Review recently teamed up to create a study showing how you can use the latest technologies and leadership practices to close the customer experience gap in your business. Check it out!

News That Matters


If you feel like your food isn’t as nutritious as it used to be, you’re right. And it’s partially due to climate change.

The carbon dioxide in the air affects crops by cutting key nutrients such as zinc, iron, and protein. If the climate continues to change at the current rate- with higher levels of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere every year — by 2050, crops could have a 3–17% reduction in those nutrients. This could lead to things like troubles with wound healing, infections, and diarrhea It also may cause protein deficiencies, which are linked to stunted growth and complications in pregnancy and childbirth.


Toyota and Uber are joining forces to try to bring the self-driving car revolution to the world at large. The car manufacturer recently invested $500 million into the ride-sharing service’s tech segment and the two companies will work together to solve the problem of mass-producing self-driving cars.

Uber will combine its autonomous driving system with Toyota’s Guardian technology, which offers automated safety features such as lane-keeping but does not enable a vehicle to drive completely autonomously. The combined technology will be built into Toyota’s Sienna minivans, to be deployed on Uber’s ride-hailing network starting in 2021, Uber said.


Employees across the U.S. are engaged! No, not to be married (but mozel to those in that boat), rather, Gallup reports that “the percentage of “engaged” workers in the U.S. — those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace — is now 34%, tying its highest level since Gallup began reporting the national figure in 2000.”

Studies have shown that actively engaged employees perform at higher levels. Businesses that actively work to create a culture that caters to those employees (by giving benefits, vacation time and recognizing accomplishments) are also the ones that thrive.

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Tech Trends

Ryan Gosling might have a shot at becoming a real astronaut instead of just playing one in cool movies.

NASA has announced that it plans to send humans back to the lunar station by 2024, and it wants humans back on the moon’s surface by 2026.

The lunar station, called Gateway, is expected to be an outpost for astronauts to conduct research in deep space and even travel further into the unknown.

Marketing Trends

These ain’t your mama’s peanuts.

That’s the message Planters was sending when it hopped on a recent trend of brands trying to reintroduce products to a younger generation of consumers.

Research has shown that younger buyers want to connect with brands on a more personal level, and they also want to engage with companies that take a stand on social issues. So between Dawn launching its Lean On Me campaign, which recognizes decades of service to wildlife rescue, cleaning, and relief, or SunnyD tapping into the individualism of its target market with high-energy social media video ads, in the marketing space, the smart brands are looking for new, innovative ways to connect.

Aaron Perlut, founder and managing partner of the brand consulting firm Elasticity, puts quite a fine point on it this way:

“As audiences age, they die, and you need to continually refresh your consumer base. And if you’re not doing that, your product ends up being just a footnote in history.”

Education Trends

It’s good to be a student. Sure, the education is cool, and your knowledge is great and all. But also that student discount is legit.

Showtime and Hulu just announced that they are partnering with Spotify to offer students a deal on streaming services for just $4.99 per month. Millions of songs plus access to thousands of TV shows and movies? As the kids say, what a time to be alive.

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