Extinction, Evolution, and Event Horizons

The Trinity of E’s: Overcoming Extinction, Mediating Evolution, and Facing Event Horizons

Chad Grills
Jun 25 · 7 min read

Dear Reader,

I know what you’re thinking, the last time I saw so many “E’s,” I was at Coachella/[Your Fav Music Fest Here]. 😂

The trinity of “E” words in today’s Mission Daily newsletter and podcast is intimidating…

But to lighten the mood a bit, here’s a pic of Toasty and Baby G strategizing on how to save the world.

Why are we diving into these deep topics? No idea. Maybe because we re-watched The Abyss Special Edition last night. Maybe because we’ve drunk too much of the Silicon Valley kool-aid. Either way…

These are themes that we’re going to be integrating into our current and future podcasts and fiction originals we are creating.

If we don’t start inserting these narratives into our digital media at an accelerating pace, we’re going to end up living in a dystopia that we mediated onto ourselves. The only future that is going to happen is the one that the artists are envisioning now.

So what are these 3 important E’s all about??


This is the fate of 99.9% of the biological life that has appeared on earth. This (beyond!) aggressive pressure from the natural world and other biological life have pushed other lifeforms to the edge of chaos. It’s unbearable pressure for most species, which is why 99.9% of them tap out. We’ll continue to explore this dark truth of the natural biological world… Sometimes being trapped in matter feels like being in a Chrysalis. But the good news about pressure and chaos is they force us to find new frontiers and search for things like…

Event Horizons 🔆

We must have the courage to be the type of person who believes in these “event horizons”, seeks them out, and then goes through them. The first recorded event horizon was the emergence of language. This was the equivalent of modern-day artificial intelligence (AGI) fears. There should be some amount of fear, but that specific event horizon is still a long way off. There are others that are approaching and within our grasp. If the first event horizon that humans went through was the emergence of language, there are surely more to come. We feel the next event horizon will be guided (and maybe determined) by the media we either do or don’t create. It’s up to us to make it the brightest and best hope for humanity that we can envision.

I’m not so sure that many people are interested in this anymore. I’m worried most of the world is ready to go to sleep. In a way, we must believe that the next event horizon in our species will be positive, and then ensure that it is. What this event horizon will be is assumed to be unpredictable, but this is never the case. We feel artists (the thinkers, philosophers, scientists, and people of multiple talents) feel it now. On top of that, some will predict it more accurately than others. On top of that, thanks to advances in a suite of massive data sets, new media tools, machine learning, machine vision, and instantaneous audience feedback, we can now build a thesis to predict which media creations either lead us to, or away from, the next event horizon. By creating new media that nudges us towards this new event horizon, we have a chance to mediate it. And the viewer/listener/reader/dreamer/doer will move a bit closer to becoming it.

Over time, with advances in pattern matching and mind-brain interfaces, we’re going to find and empower these artists — wherever they’re from. Not to get all Uncanny X-men on you, but the race is on to find the mutants. And I say mutants with the highest honor possible. Tangent finished. Is anyone still reading?!

Also, there is WAY too much dystopia in the world of media now!! Sometimes I feel like the only media that prepares us psychologically for event horizons is hidden in movies like The Abyss, Harry Potter, Interstellar, Sphere, and The Black Hole by Disney. Of course, there is a movie called Event Horizon — but that’s Mo’ dystopia. Let us know your favorite story that is helping mediate evolution?

Evolution 🚀 🌎

This is the only option that gives us a chance to redeem the human species and create something new in the brightest way possible. In order to evolve, we must discover and pass through many more event horizons (see above if you fell asleep in the last paragraph). Otherwise, the option is to join the 99.9% of all previous biological species on earth that are now extinct… No thanks!

What if the secrets to the future of human evolution and flourishing are hidden in the past?

For more than half a century, […] American archaeology was so riddled with pre-formed opinions about how the past should look, and about the orderly, linear way in which civilizations should evolve, that it repeatedly missed, sidelined, and downright ignored evidence for any human presence at all prior to Clovis — until, at any rate, the mass of that evidence became so overwhelming that it took the existing paradigm by storm. — Graham Hancock in America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilization

Just like how recent discoveries came 20 years after Graham Hancock’s theories predicting them (see here), we predict that in the next 20 years, almost all media created by humans and machines in the physical world will be dedicated to, and measured by, it’s effectiveness at building the antifragility of the species. Is this how it should be? What do you think? We feel it’s almost an evolutionary imperative.

So what will herald that shift? As Nietzche said, it might be danger and play. Whatever happens, there is a seismic shift going on right now in the worlds of media, original content, streaming, marketing, finance, investment, technology, and business. These changes aren’t just happening in Hollywood and tech hubs around the world. They’re happening everywhere. We think that the only valuable pieces of story in this world will have to be available in every medium: written physical, written digital, audio, video and audio, mixed reality, and eventually biologically-inspired and integrated (a semi-scary event horizon, but we are already 50 trillion+ cells, and who knows what is living in our guts!).

We have to have a point for these stories. They don’t have to launch a new religion, and the fiction series doesn’t have to sell as many copies as Fifty Shades of Grey, but what they do have to do is mediate a better outcome for that individual consumer, with a noticeable (and eventually measurable!) improvement in their thinking or accomplishments.

The level of complex coordination to build these stories/media is staggering. It’s a problem that many of us aren’t even aware of now. Why are things so nightmarish around us sometimes? What if the artists simply stopped creating a vision of the world worth living in? I’m inclined to think it’s because of the latter. I don’t think the artists are at fault, but I think they’re largely unaware of how to turn a profit AND deliver positive benefits.

So why did we go so deep right away!?

Because we’ve been thinking deep lately. How deep? 🌊

Real deep. Like listening to Graham Hancock’s 8 episodes of JRE, deep! And we’ve been reading America Before, his latest book. It’s terrifying. Should we get him on Mission Daily? Send us your thoughts at info@mission.org!

The moral of his stories are that we have no idea how much of humanity’s history is still a mystery, and Hancock’s predictions predate the newfound archeological evidence confirming his theories. 🦕

Event Horizons can be scary, because, by their nature, we can’t see past them until we are there. Sometimes the unknown stops people from even trying, or worse yet, they go extinct with the answer to save themselves clutched in their hands. (Tweet This)

In the modern world, there are still many event horizons left to have the courage to go through and discover, and the only things worth doing are the things you currently think you can’t (Tweet This). The only success stories come from the people who thought bigger than anyone else. Why not you? 💫

Sign Off 🧠

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A network of business & tech podcasts designed to accelerate learning. Selected as “Best of 2018” by Apple. Mission.org

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