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Fighting Back Against Fake Reviews with Carolyn Jameson of Trustpilot

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“When you look at reviews, understanding how they’ve been collected is really important.”

Every second a new review comes into Trustpilot, the consumer review website that is helping brands and consumers harness the power of feedback. On Up Next in Commerce, Carolyn Jameson, the Chief Trust Officer at Trustpilot, discusses how the company is creating an open, holistic, transparent experience for everyone so that consumers can trust the brands they engage with, and brands can connect with their customers and improve their businesses using authentic feedback.

How important is it to have five-star reviews?

There is no such thing as perfection. Just because a company has a bevy of five-star reviews, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best company in the world. Rather, companies that listen and try to improve are the ones that actually succeed.

“It’s not about having five stars and being perfect. I don’t think any of us expect businesses to be perfect. But what we do expect is… we want [businesses] to care. We want them to care about how we’re feeling and engage with us and look to improve. And then we’re very forgiving about things.”

Understanding where reviews come from is key?

In order to trust the reviews you see online, you have to know where they come from. By having a completely open platform and all the reviews are posted — good or bad — Trustpilot allows businesses and consumers to operate transparently.

“Because we are open anyone who wants to leave a review as a consumer can do so provided they’ve had a genuine experience. So what you’re seeing is much more holistic whereas a lot of other review platforms allow businesses to either change the content of reviews or selectively display reviews.”

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