Five ways to get more subscribers from your Medium articles

My articles on Medium have collectively received over seven hundred thousand views. And that’s awesome, except that views don’t pay the bills.

What I really want are subscribers- to my mailing list, to be precise. And as it happens, Medium has brought in over four thousand subscribers.

While I’ve been writing on Medium for years now, the vast majority of those subscribers have come within the last five months. That’s because in the last few months, I’ve found new ways to get more traffic to my articles, and nearly triple the opt-in rate from those articles.

Here’s what I’ve done to make that happen.

1. Add an audio recording with Bumper

Bumper is a nifty new app that allows audio files to be embedded directly into a Medium article. So once you’ve finished writing an article, you can record an audio of it and publish the two together.

I normally embed a Bumper at the very top of my articles, though this article clearly warranted an exception.

The great things about Bumper are that a) it allows articles to get better engagement from people who prefer audio to reading, b) it lets me practice my talking and get over “mic fright,” which is great since I get invited onto so many podcasts now, and c) it gives me another content hub where people can find my content and follow me.

2. Use Leadpages to offer opt-in incentives

That’s nearly four thousand opt-ins in five months.

Leadpages allows you to create simple and effective squeeze pages like this one in just a few minutes. Not only can these pages drive sign-ups to your newsletter, but they can be used to provide a free gift to incentivize people to sign up. In this case, the gift I’m offering is a habit change cheat sheet, and Leadpages can send it directly to people who sign up through that particular page.

What’s really great about this is it allows me to create different LeadPages with different opt-in incentives, to pair with different articles. So an article that isn’t about fitness might be paired with that habit change cheat sheet page, while an article about weightlifting can be paired with this page.

3. Get syndicated

Once you have articles that are getting tens of thousands of subscribers, start getting more mileage out of them by syndicating them onto other sites. I syndicate my Medium articles in two places: The New York Observer and The Huffington Post.

In my case, both of these sites reached out to me, but you should be proactive about reaching out to sites you think might want to syndicate your material. HuffPo is particularly useful since once you’re accepted to their contributor platform, you can publish all of your future articles there without needing to run things by an editor.

If you have an article that does particularly well, shop it around to major sites within your niche. And once you have one article accepted to a site, you have an open door to submit future articles to them.

4. Use Upscribe to embed sign-ups into your article

Upscribe is a great little tool for driving newsletter signups from Medium articles. Like Bumper, the beauty of it is that it can be embedded directly into an article.

In my experience, Upscribe converts almost twice as well as links to a Leadpage, bringing in about one subscriber for every hundred views. The downside is that it can’t deliver an opt-in incentive to people, so anything you offer to people who sign up has to be delivered to everyone who joins your mailing list, from any source.

5. Ask for the share

Specifically, tell people to hit the share and recommend buttons, and make it stand out. Emphasize that by sharing articles, they’re doing a favor for people they know. Also use this green heart icon (just copy it from this article) to make the ask stand out.

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