Fuck making it

A poem by Jessica Semaan

You want to make a by the age of b

Own c by the age of d

Marry e by the age of f

Whatever is the letter, all you focus on is getting to it

You devour articles about easy ways to get there

You get frustrated because you are not there yet but they are there already

You spend your nights sweating about what if you did not get there

What if you did not make it

But what if you did make it?

What if you got the money, the start-up, the kids and all that you wished for?

That’s when you fall on your face

You hide your face

You punch your face

That’s when you realize that making it feels empty

Making it is emptiness

That’s when you regret

You regret not having enjoyed the time, sweat and tears you dedicated to starting the company, getting to know someone, getting to know you

You missed out on the beauty of life which lies in its subtlety

You turned a blind eye to the other opportunities, adventures that were seeking you

You stopped living for you held your breath for too long waiting to make it

And now all you want to do is figure out why

Why is making it not enough

And so you stop, you slow down, you cry

Tears of joy, tears of loss, tears of life

And then the journey begins

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