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Gary Vaynerchuk Says You Should Go All-In on This Social Media Tactic…

Most of us all know and love Gary. Through his no-bullshit style of guidance and content, business savvy and likable personality, he’s seemed to convert even his biggest naysayers over to (at least) respect him.

On a personal level, Gary has had a big impact on my life. Both professionally and personally. I credit him and Mike Dillard with giving me the tools and inspiration to begin writing and to start my own business (for more on that, check this comment out).

In his keynote at AdExchanger’s Industry Preview, regarding where we should be allocating our funds and attention to in advertising:

“If you’re a practitioner, if you really had to sell to survive, you would realize that the most under-priced ad product right now is Facebook Advertising. If you had to sell to feed your children, you would put your money there.”

Gary went on to say that, recently, he has spent every dollar he has control over on Facebook Ads and Instagram influencers. That’s a bold move, but a telling one.

When asked to describe why he believes Facebook Advertising is the best strategy, Vaynerchuk stated that it’s the first social media platform able to do both sales AND marketing for your business.

As an example, he recounted how Wish, an online shopping app, went from $0 to $2 billion in revenue using nothing but Facebook Advertising.

In addition to what he had to say, here are even more reasons to prioritize Facebook Ads for your business and how you can get started:

1.) Targeting Capabilities

Facebook knows a lot about us: our birthday, our age, our gender, our interests, our friends, our location, the obscure interests we have, even our relationship status.

It’s important to note that anything and everything Facebook knows about us can be used as targeting on Facebook’s advertising platform.

Are you a local business in Portland, Oregon? Target by geography to ensure only those who are likely to visit your in-store location will see your ad.

Are you a fitness entrepreneur? Target those who have liked Facebook Pages related to bodybuilding, running, and more.

2.) Your Choice of Objectives and Calls-to-Action

Unlike other advertising platforms, where the call-to-action is largely unclear or limited, Facebook gives users a variety of options designed to meet their specific business goals.

Whether you’re seeking to increase views on a particular video, boost the number of installations of your app, or maximize traffic to your company’s home page, Facebook has a call-to-action that’s perfect for you.

3.) Relevant and Seamless Advertising

For the most part, Facebook Ads are unobtrusive. The reason why is because, apart from the word “Sponsored” appearing in the post, the advertisements look identical to regular status updates. They don’t pop up and cover half of your screen. They aren’t placed in the back of a local newspaper no one reads. Facebook Ads are seamless, relevant, and low-key.

As a consumer, you’re in control when it comes to Facebook Ads. You can click on the arrow in the right-hand corner to see why you’re being shown any ad, or to mute the ad altogether. By empowering the consumer, Facebook facilitates a positive experience for them, ensuring (to the best of their ability) only those most interested in your product or service will see your ad.

4.) Low Cost

For as low as $5, you can run an advertisement on Facebook for one day. If you properly target, you can potentially reach a thousand or more people with that $5. That’s the price of a medium white mocha, or printing out a handful of colored flyers most people will either overlook or throw away.

How to Get Started:

To get started, you’ll need a Facebook Ads account. After you’ve set this up, watch this quick tutorial video.

Once you have the hang of the navigation on the Ads Manager, set up a $5 test campaign. This could be a quick campaign to promote a recent blog post you wrote, to increase subscribers for your email list, or something else.

Additional Resource: This Lynda course by Megan Adams is kick-ass! Plain and simple. It’s a great way to get the hang of Facebook Ads.

1.) Sharpen up your copywriting.

For your ads to be effective, your copy needs to be spectacular. For starters, subscribe to Copy Hackers by Joanna Wiebe or take Len Smith’s Udemy course on how to become an awesome copywriter.

2.) Pick stellar, eye-popping photos.

If you don’t have captivating, original photography to use in your ads, then check out Unsplash or Pexels for free stock photography.

Also, check out this Medium article below by Dustin Senos for even more free, non-shitty stock photos.

3.) Think like your ideal customer.

If you aren’t doing this already, then start today. Begin by making a list of Facebook Pages your ideal customer would be most likely to follow. If you’re in the yoga business, perhaps your ideal customer would like YogaByCandace,, or Yoga Inspiration.

Once you have compiled this list, use it in your targeting when creating your next advertisement.

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