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Tomorrow is not a promise. Everything is changing at an amazing rate. Life is a crazy ride. Nothing is guaranteed. But you can prepare to embrace the uncertain future if you choose to invest in yourself. Make every day count. Appreciate every moment and make the most of it. The more time and energy you invest in the future, the more your future will be what you make it. Brian Tracy says “Those who do not plan for the future cannot have one.”

Time, like money, is a commodity you can frivolously spend or you can invest it in things that improve your life. Take some time to reflect on how you spend your time and what investments you can offer your future self today.

Master your time to master your life

Tony Robbins once said “Once you have mastered time, you will understand how true it is that most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year — and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!”

You have an average of 2,400 minutes every week to yourself. Time is your most valuable asset at work. And time spent can never be reclaimed. You can improve every week if you know what you are doing at any point in time.

Ultra productive people focus on getting a lot done with every minute they have at their disposal. Allocate time to each task you need to get done every day.

Each task of the day should be attainable, realistic, and time-bound. The time constraint will push you to focus and be more efficient.

Don’t forget to allow downtime between tasks to refresh. Choose a mind-clearing activity that works best for you. Your brain needs a short break to recuperate, and then you are ready to move on to another task.

Reclaim your time and suddenly you’ll have a whole bunch of extra time to work on your life goals, to relax and de-stress yourself, to spend time with family and friends, to read, to improve yourself, to work on a passion project, to exercise. It’ll be one of the most important things you do.

Your future is in large part determined by your willingness and ability to invest in yourself now

The simplest, most direct way to be smart is to build deep knowledge about things you care about. Building knowledge of an area improves your memory, thinking, and decisions about that topic. You can gain knowledge faster about a topic you care deeply about than a random topic.

But if they are not really the kinds of things you are interested in, then you will be hard pressed to devote time and effort to learn much. One thing that most people seem to agree on is that reading is near the core of how to be smart. Don’t get in the way of your own learning. Most people don’t really think much about how they learn.

The world is changing fast and new ideas pop up everyday; incorporating them into your life will keep you engaged and relevant. It pays to crave and keep an open mind.

Incredibly smart people aren’t always born that way, but rather are constantly working to improve their intelligence. You have every opportunity to improve and enhance your way of thinking.

Choose smart and stay curious!

Your daily actions should help you become a better version of yourself. Learn something new, difficult and valuable everyday. It matters. Be a better you today. Learn something you don’t know today and continue learning it tomorrow.

Trade your time and effort now for increased skills or knowledge, relationships, and better health, your results will multiply in the future. leveraging our spare time for self-investment.

Solve interesting problems. Solve issues you deeply care about. Be curious about almost everything. Be willing to try new things. Expose yourself to different world views. Reflect on your learning by writing. Share your thoughts with the rest of us. Listen to podcasts on your way to work.

Take control over the input of information during this time of your day by selecting life and career enhancing materials, that are educative, that feed your imagination, suggest ways to improve your daily life, give practical tips on managing your time, your career, your personal goals.

Find activities that improve your mind and body. Staying sharp is has an amazing long-term benefits.

Getting smarter takes time and genuine commitment. You need to work hard at it. Knowledge builds up, like compound interest says Warren Buffett. These are a few of the many things you can consistently do everyday to get smarter.

Brett Hagberg of PickTheBrain encourages us to invest in our skills to be indispensable. He writes:

Being more skilled — in both breadth (number) as well as depth (how “good” you are at a particular skill) will make you more indispensible in every area of your life, from the workplace to your home. Reading books, trading ideas, and learning how to do new things will make you smarter and will also help with your lateral thinking and creativity — you’ll be able to combine knowledge from various disciplines in order to solve problems.

Investing in your knowledge and skills allows you to be a more versatile, competent, and capable person. It’s extremely important for your growth.

We all differ in our abilities to solve problems, learn, think logically, understand and acquire new knowledge, integrate ideas, attain goals, and so on. But when you put your mind to it, you will work better, smarter and faster.

Intelligence is always work in progress so you are never too late to add to what you already know.

The good news is, you don’t have to learn everything in hours, days or even months. The focus should always be on progress.

Getting smarter takes time and genuine commitment. You need to work hard at it. Knowledge builds up, like compound interest says Warren Buffett.

You are your greatest investment.

The better the things you put into yourself the greater your returns are going to be!

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