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How School Stole Your Flow

And how to get it back.

The Magic of Flow

The Tao of Children

How School Disrupts Flow

Deschool through Deep Work

  • Focus entirely on one challenging task. Refrain from multitasking. This means not indulging in the constant “quick checks” of social media, email, etc. that have become a way of life for so many.
  • Block out distractions. Find a sanctuary of solitude where you won’t be interrupted or tempted into diversion. Set your devices to “do not disturb.” Quit all extraneous applications and set your primary work application to “full screen.” Even turn off the lights if you need to.
  • Work on the challenging task for an extended period of time. If necessary, start with baby steps and ramp up. Do ever-increasing intervals of concentrated work separated by short breaks. Start with a 15-minute interval, and then double your time with every subsequent interval. If possible, try to ramp up to 2-4 hours of concentrated work. As you build your concentration muscle, eventually that will be more than enough time to achieve a flow state.



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