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Getting the Most Out of Data with Spark Foundry Exec, Lisa Giacosa

Successful data strategies for marketers when it comes to getting the most out of TV attribution

Data, data, data. In 2021 it’s all you hear… especially if you’re a marketer. Whether you are taking calculated risks to ensure campaigns are rooted in what the data is telling you, or conducting massive rebranding campaigns, just about all of your activities are rooted in analyzing the numbers and mitigating risks. But data these days is more than just numbers and graphs on a spreadsheet. It comes in all shapes and sizes and can be used to build a valuable connection between brands and consumers. And that’s where Lisa Giacosa comes in.

“What gets exciting when you’re on the agency side is that you can look at understanding consumers’ entire spectrum across multiple touch points, across multiple products and services, and start to stitch those journeys together and think about alliances and the way that you can bring things together. We’ve been able to go to our clients and say, we know that we can measure this correctly. And we know that we can get this to a point where we can give you a guaranteed outcome against what’s going to happen for your business.”

Lisa is the President and Global Head of Data, Technology, Analytics, and Insights at Spark Foundry, a global media agency that’s all about bringing the heat to brands by driving higher engagement, affinity, and transactions. Lisa helps make that happen by guiding brands to take calculated risks through the power of data strategy and technology. On a recent episode of Marketing Trends, Lisa details what that looks like, and she goes deep in one particular area that is on the cusp in the marketing world: TV attribution.



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