Going Through A Lull At Work? Here Are 5 Ways To Find Passion No Matter What You’re Doing

Here are a few different tactics I’ve learned both as a leader and as an employee to help myself out of a lull.

Jun 13 · 6 min read

1) Try to promote and facilitate collaboration.

The chief source of complacency I’ve seen in the folks who’ve worked for me over the years has stemmed from siloed work environments. When day after day you work alone at your desk, completing only the tasks you’re responsible for, you lose sight of the company mission which might have galvanized you initially. You begin to feel like you can’t accomplish as much as you might want. You feel limited and alone.

2) Take a “field trip.”

If there’s something specific you’re trying to accomplish at work but you either aren’t feeling motivated to do it or you don’t know exactly how to do it, go out and conduct some research.

3) Read!

Similarly, our outputs, in general, are a direct product of our inputs. So, if you’re ever in a rut, go pick up a book and re-acquaint yourself with the experts and authors who themselves have spent lots of time thinking about the very things you’ve been struggling over.

4) Ask for feedback.

Asking your manager, director, or CEO for feedback on your performance can also be an excellent way to reset your perspective. Often, these constructive conversations will help you do things like set new milestones or establish new objectives to focus on.

5) Secure an outlet unrelated to your work to focus on in your downtime.

Finally, if all you have in your life to direct your energy towards is work — creative or otherwise — you’ll burn out or grow bored.

Here’s the truth: at the end of the day, unless you challenge yourself to continue growing and developing, you’ll inevitably stagnate.

In other words, this is on you.

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