Help Your Haters.

There’s a theme amongst some “motivational” quotes:

…that there are people out there, hating on your dreams.

These Instagram posts will tell you that they’re ‘small’ people, ‘negative influences’ that should be cut out of your life.

Chances are, these posts are dead wrong.

No one WANTS to shit on your dreams.

It’s probably one of two things:

  1. This person cares about you and thinks you’re not realistically assessing the risks of the situation you’re facing — and wants to point them out. Or:
  2. This person is too preoccupied with the troubles that they are facing in their own life to actively encourage you, and you’re being too sensitive.

Either way, chances are that the reason they’re shitting on your dreams is that the world has shat on theirs.

Ask them how you can help, and maybe you’ll both walk away better people.