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How and Why to Sponsor an Email Newsletter

No, not that kind of letter.
  • This resource has its own trusted audience.
  • This resource has a high engagement.
  • Investments in this resource can be easily tracked.
  • You can build in direct response if necessary.
  • You can use this resource multiple times over without exhausting it.
Email newsletter sponsorship can carry with it a much higher purchase rate than other marketing efforts. Image source: Elasticity.

What Makes an Excellent Email Newsletter

High Open Rate and Click Through Rate

We just got a letter! Image Source.

Specific Demographics

  • Education Status
  • Average Household Income
  • Gender Ratio
  • Age Windows
  • Influencers/Archetypes of the average reader of the newsletter
  • Race
  • Geography
  • Marital Status
  • Household Status (with or without children)

A Collection of Superfans

You want fans to be this invested. Photo by Twenty20.

Clear Narratives for the Newsletter


  • Do you want to repurpose existing content on their site?
  • Do you want them to set up a direct response campaign via their newsletter?
  • Do you want to direct the audience to your site to purchase a product?
  • Do you want to grow your own newsletter reach?
  1. Budget: How much are you willing to spend to get results? Remember that this is an experiment. You are spending money to learn and test a new channel while reaching new customers. Be more liberal than you expect.
  2. Are you willing to provide commission for sales or engagements based off of the newsletter?
  3. Your Content: If you are asking them to repurpose your content, have a few pieces in the stable you can send over. Have example content if you want them to craft an original piece around your product.
  4. Any Relevant Videos: You may want to demo the product in a video.
  5. What You’re Looking to Gain: Have clear goals and communicate these goals. It may turn out that they can craft something different than what you were planning on putting together.
  6. A Webpage for the Campaign: Craft an original page to which you can direct the audience to sign up for your own newsletter, buy your product, or generally learn more. This will help you measure the effectiveness of the campaign without having to rely on stats sent to you by the newsletter proprietor.


Be the CMO your company deserves… Photo by Twenty20.

Some Questions

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