How Has The Mission Helped You?


We’re looking for honest feedback about what reading content from The Mission has done for you.

To apply, simply click comment and write 1–2 sentences about something tangible The Mission has helped you do, become, or accomplish.

Some examples might be:

The Mission has helped me…

  • Improve my relationships with friends and family
  • Get a raise
  • Find a job
  • Start a profitable side project
  • Get healthier
  • Get rid of my bad habits and develop healthier ones
  • Read more long form content and less crappy news
  • Meet and connect with like minded people

We’ve seen a lot of companies who ask for “honest” feedback by offering a prize. We think that is a little of an oxymoron, so we’re asking for your feedback and are offering no goodies.

Most people haven’t heard yet, but we already offer a monthly giveaway for our newsletter subscribers. You can check that out here.

For everyone else who has been helped by The Mission and the content we publish, please click comment and let us know how The Mission has helped you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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