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How I Managed To Achieve Online Success And Get Arianna Huffington To Notice.

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Online success seems glorious. Everyone flaunts their success and wants attention for it. We clap loudly when we see people achieving those things which we envision for ourselves.

Online success these days translates to most people’s idea of success. Pretty much any success you want to chase, in any field, is going to have an online component.

I achieved what some would call online success, and I already know you don’t give a damn. I don’t want you, too. What’s more important is not the online success — but how I did it.

The ‘How-To’ of my online success is a blueprint for so much more and — that — is useful to you. My online success and bragging will not benefit you. I know that, so please don’t leave a comment with that advice.

Before we get started, allow me to share a quick story.

I didn’t really ever believe I had any online success. I avoided acknowledging that idea because I didn’t want to buy into my own delusion of success or fame.

The moment everything in this article made sense was when I got an email from Arianna Huffington (Founder of The Huffington Post). She’d been watching. She saw what was going on and wanted to be a part of it.

This was significant in my eyes because she’s a genuine person I respect who has made a massive impact in this world (forget about her millions of dollars).

It was this moment that caused me to stop for a minute, reflect and see what had occurred up until now. More importantly, it made me reflect on the lessons I learned to date and how I could share them.

In the end, it’s more fun to help others build their sand castles than it is to sit on an island alone with your own sandcastle and bask in the BS glory of what you’ve achieved. There’s no fulfillment in that.

Here’s how I achieved online success and the blueprint you can use:

It all started with me.

This very idea is lost on so many people. People think that success starts somewhere else — it doesn’t.

All success starts with you, but that cliché thought won’t help you. We have to go deeper than that concept.

When I say it all starts with you, what I mean is this: you have to become a better version of yourself.

What I’ve learned through online success is that each time I grew, so did my success. Okay, again, what the heck does that mean?

Growing, in really simple terms, looked like this:

  • Knowing the power of using kindness (it’s not corny when you understand it)
  • Intrinsic motivation rather than outside influences like social media
  • Trying to beat yourself instead of the online world

Now when you read that list, you’ll probably think this has nothing to do with online success. Isn’t it about your sales funnel? Or your landing page? Or your social media strategy? Fuck no.

Online success is all about little old you and how you think and act. Change that, and everything will change.

Being incredibly kind to as many people as I could (I was an A-hole before).

It was a hard lesson to learn that I was an A-hole. What do I mean? Before I had any online success, it was all about me and stroking my ego. Previously, I would never admit that reality.

It was this challenge that made me feel like a fraud. On the one hand, I was telling people all about personal development. On the other hand, I was not taking my own advice.

This challenge is very common — by the way.

“Many in the personal development industry say one thing in their videos or on stage giving a keynote, and as soon as they are offline, they are completely the opposite”

What I’ve learned is that as soon as people realize you’re not the same on stage or in front of the camera as you are off-stage, any online success falls to pieces. You just can’t fool people these days.

The world has gotten smaller thanks to social media, email and the internet. I think that’s a good thing.

Turning haters into allies instead of throwing crap back at them.

The more success you have, the greater the negative feedback is going to be and the more trolls you’ll attract. That’s just a fact.

I get so many haters every week, and I certainly don’t try to influence all of them. What has helped me though is learning how to see someone else’s point of view and either turning them around or finding a mutual ground that doesn’t end up in Internet Wars.

Image Credit: Appalachian University

It’s really hard to do and I’ve found listening is the skill that helps the most. Haters can’t hate you when you listen to them and attempt to see their point of view. They might be wrong about some things, but what I’ve learned is they are never 100% wrong.

Plus, once you diffuse the situation by jumping on a call with them and letting them see who you are, if you’re genuine and yourself, they’ll usually see you’re alright.

Writing self-development advice on the Internet probably makes me look like a pretentious snob who thinks he knows everything. When you talk to me in person, you realize that I don’t think I know it all and I latch on to learning new things quickly.

The lessons learned through haters and negative feedback has helped me refine my own blueprint of who I am which has only compounded any online success further. Again, I don’t say that to brag. I want you to test it for yourself.

Seeing every problem as an opportunity.

Geez, online success has problems (challenges) at every corner. Here’s a list:

· Publications or industry titans can support you and drop you whenever they like. Early on, you need access to their audience.

  • Copyright of your work and plagiarism are rampant on the Internet.
  • Your site can be hacked. You can face a denial of service attack. Someone can bomb your site with toxic links which contain links to porn, screwing your SEO efforts.
  • Groups of people can get together who have the opposite opinion of you and gang up against you.
  • You can say something that goes against what is politically correct and start a lot of trouble without intending too (or even because of a few red wines).

Every one of these challenges has an opportunity. Each one carries with it a lesson in success.

“You cannot do anything impactful without coming into contact with lots of challenges”

How you deal with the challenges will define your success.

Some days, I crawl up into a ball and stay in bed. Some days (as hard as I try not to), I complain to my mentors about the challenges until I snap out of it.

Some days are amazing and I overcome all the challenges with very little effort. Other days, I wonder whether all the effort is worth it.

We all have these thoughts, and mastering your mind to deal with challenges and knowing it’s okay, when some days they get the best of you, is how you reach online success.

Turning the table on negative thoughts.

I’ve mentioned the mind already a few times in this article. Every one of us is overwhelmed with negative thoughts.

These thoughts stop us from gaining online success when they become the dominant pattern running through your mind.

Image Credit: Atipus

The game is not to delete all negative thoughts; the game is turn the tables and aim for more positive thoughts. This probably sounds like total hogwash.

The practical way to win the war on negative thoughts is these simple things you’ve heard hundreds of times but probably don’t use:

  • Writing three things you’re grateful for every day
  • Meditating a few times, a week
  • Filling your mind with some positivity through online resources such as Jay Shetty, Goalcast, The Good News Network, etc. instead of watching CNN

You’ve read self-help advice and seen these three things. They’re not new. I avoided them for years and it hindered my online success.

You just can’t overcome the negative thoughts unless you do some sort of deliberate practice to fight the battle. Remember that negative thoughts happen without any effort and it’s your default operating system.

Saying something inspiring.

No matter what you do online or in the real world, you can add an inspiring message to it. When you realize that people crave to be inspired by everything they encounter, you can change your tactics.

  • Apple inspires us through simplicity.
  • Toms Shoes inspires us through forced giving with every purchase.
  • Cryptocurrency (whether we like it or not) inspires us to see what the financial system could look like in the future.

Each of these ideas is presented using inspiration. We’re faced with a grandiose vision and our minds are left to imagine what’s possible. The ideas are fused with clever storytelling, vulnerability and an inspiring message.

Twist your message to the world and make it inspiring. Turn a big problem that you see into an inspiring challenge that we all want to solve.

Take the worst thing that’s happened in your life and use it to inspire us.

Take the focus off yourself. Inspire us. Deliver a message of hope.

These are the ingredients that have propelled my online success far beyond what I ever expected. People just want to be inspired.

Delivering value instead of selling.

The need to monetize too early kills most dreams of online success quicker than you can say ‘over.’

We’re all bombarded every day with payment walls asking for money and online influencers trying to sell us something.

Everyone’s an expert.

Anyone can put up a website in minutes.

The problem I see is that everyone is selling and very few are focusing on value. Value is a BS word that means nothing, so let me go deeper for you. Value is delivering lessons, telling stories and creating communities.

All of this is done with selling and monetization not being the focus. The bottom line is this:

“You can monetize when you’ve earned the right to and given enough value.”

Monetizing is not bad but almost everyone I see tries to do it too early, and the focus becomes all about self-promotion, selling and ‘building a brand.’

All of this is boring to the outside world who crave connection and inspiration.

Image Credit: @just_shot_of_jameson

The moment I understood value and stopped slapping people in the face with my used car salesman selling tactics, everything changed.

Being the real deal.

People’s BS radar is greater than ever. We’re more skeptical than ever of everything we see online. Is it fake news? Is it self-promotion? Is this person honest?

These are the questions we ask ourselves more and more. The best way to cut through online is be the real deal.

Some call it authenticity. Some call it being yourself. Some call it being honest.

All of it comes down to this: quit trying to fake it or intentionally lie to people.

You’re not fooling anyone and you will not win. Period.

One day, someone is going to meet you in person, speak to you via instant messaging or get an email from you. These are the channels where people will find out your real agenda and they will spread their findings online without you ever knowing.

Honesty wins every time.

Being you wins every time.

Having good intentions, win’s every time.

The final differentiator.

This is the one point everyone’s going to read and hate me for writing. It may cause you to stop reading, but you’re at the end now, so I’ve got nothing to lose amigo.

The one thing that has separated me from 99% of other people has been putting in the work and making all of this a habit.

Last week was a disaster of a week and yet I’m still here doing my thing.

I wake up early every day not to have a cold shower or drink my bulletproof coffee or do 150 chin ups in the freezing cold like Arnold did. I wake up early to do this — to put in the work!

I’m not the smartest guy. I don’t have the most friends. My writing skills are not that advanced.

What I do have though is the ability to outwork everyone else who wants the same goals as me. Any one of you reading this can do the same. It’s not unique to me and I’m no better than anyone else.

The defining moment of all the online success was when I just put my head down and made a commitment to do the work.

Said another way, I stopped looking for shortcuts. I stopped buying online courses that had the promise of making me an overnight success and learned this blueprint myself through trial and error.

Everyone’s definition of success is different. Everyone gets to their goal by traveling their own route.

“Above all else, working away and finding the light at the end of the tunnel with your own two eyes will transcend all the research, fake online promises and people trying to sell you on buying their dream of online success”

Don’t buy my online dream of success.

Work your way towards finding your own and lead with the traits and ideas in this article. That’s how I believe you can genuinely be successful. Online and offline.

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