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How Marketers are Extending their Audience Reach Courtesy of CTV

Why advertising is shifting to CTV and the benefits that targeted, personalized advertising is creating in the digital space

Photo by Marques Kaspbrak on Unsplash

Cutting the cord is not new, it’s just getting more popular as companies such as Netflix and Hulu, which have each been around for more than a decade, continue to rise. But as consumers continue ditching traditional broadcasting platforms with more frequency, brands are being forced to find new ways to reach their audience, and one way they are doing that is through connected media devices and CTV. Unlike traditional broadcasting platforms, which offer a limited amount of commercial inventory per show, CTV is providing brands more flexibility and thus, more opportunity.

“When you think about what’s possible in this new digitized version of TV, and when you think about the fact that more and more consumers are cutting the cord,it allows you to secure more reach than ever has been available before through connected television and online video inventory, but it allows you to be more specific and targeted in how you buy that connected inventory,” Stephanie Geno said.

But how brands distribute to platforms and reach their target audience is the challenging part. Geno, the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Innovid, is here to help. Innovid is an online advertising technology company that offers distribution and management of digital ads and including through CTV. Geno explained that CTV is opening up a new universe for how media companies look at their ad buys, and it’s also creating a greater awareness in how marketers cater their messages to particular audiences. There is more opportunity than ever before to craft personalized messages for target audiences, and that is making marketers more effective than ever, But Geno cautioned that while personalization is a wonderful tool, it can still complicate things for marketers.

“When the idea of one-to-one personalization entered the market, it set off this chain reaction of just overly complicated strategies,” she said. “Marketers were scrambling to map out the perfect combination of message, data and strategy, to create these hyper relevant experiences at the individual level.”

On a recent episode of Marketing Trends, Geno dove deeper into this topic as well as how CTV is rapidly changing the ad game, best practices for targeted advertising, and why personalization is a great tool, but also has its problems. Listen here!

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