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How The Past Creates The Present Creates The Future…

Using Yesterday And Today To Build Tomorrow

“Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.” ― Frank Herbert

Food For Thought

Past, Present, Future

“Civilization is in a race between education and catastrophe. Let us learn the truth and spread it as far and wide as our circumstances allow. For the truth is the greatest weapon we have.” — H.G. Wells

How does our evolutionary makeup influence our modern-day habits? In what ways is A.I. changing our healthcare system? What can we do to create a better tomorrow? All these questions (and more!) will be answered in this week’s Mission Daily theme; Past, Present, and Future. 🚀🚀

This past has created our present and our present will create our future. What we choose to discuss — what problems we choose to address today — will impact how we evolve and overcome in the future.

The world is changing faster than ever. The only way to tackle the challenges as quickly as they arise is to learn as fast as we can.

And that’s what this week is dedicated to — learning from the good, the bad, the terrifying, and the exceptional.

We will undoubtedly face existential problems in the future. Our only hope to solve them is if we address them now and start building our arsenal of knowledge today.

In today’s episode, Chad and Stephanie give a preview of our AMAZING guest lineup for this week and share some thoughts to keep in mind as we spend the next five days diving into the history and future of humankind.

The Guest Lineup:

Tuesday — Geoffrey Miller / Evolutionary Psychologist
Wednesday — Diana S. Fleischman / Evolutionary Psychologist
Thursday — Dr. Eric Topol / Author — Deep Medicine
Friday — A.G. Riddle / Scifi Author — Winter World

If you have any stake in what the future holds (spoiler alert: we all do!), then you won’t want to miss this week’s mind-boggling interviews.

Deep Dive

How Do We Shape Each Other’s Behaviors?

“Throughout history, evolutionary advantage meant being best adapted to surviving in a wild and harsh environment… Fast forward to today and our biggest moments are no longer hunts or harvests, but conversations, meetings and dates. Our environment is a distinctly human one. It is an intricate web of complex social networks… Surviving in the modern world means being best adapted to interacting with, working alongside, and getting what you want out of other people…”

Read the article.

Further Reading

Can Science Fiction Predict the Future of Technology?

According to writer Arthur C. Clarke, “A critical . . . reading of science fiction is essential training for anyone wishing to look more than ten years ahead.”

Author Orson Scott Card echoes the importance of sci-fi, stating that, “We have to think of [these futures] so that if the worst does come, we’ll already know how to live in that universe.”

But can we really turn to science fiction novels to help us understand and predict the future? 🤔

Find out.


Monday Mindbenders

In today’s episode of Mission Daily, Chad and Steph discuss the Dark Forest Theory. The theory states that the best way to protect ourselves from outsiders is to not let them know we are there — to conceal ourselves in the proverbial “dark forest” where we can’t be found. We’ll discuss this concept in more detail later on in the week, but to get your gears turning early, start with these resources:

Fermi’s Paradox — Anatomy of Next Episode

The Dark Forest Theory

The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu

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Another week, another Monday. We hope you had a well-rested weekend — were you able to try out some of those tips from Sleep Week? Let us know if any worked! 😉

Thanks for stopping by. We’ll catch you on the ‘morrow!

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