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How the Real Spiderman Saved 75+ Lives During World War II

A case study on courage, integrity, and ability to transport people in midair with a knotted rope

wikimedia commons

1. He had a simple faith

  1. Helping others: he used to walk miles out of his way to donate blood
  2. Keeping the Sabbath: Doss believed in practicing all of the Ten Commandments, and when he refused to work on the Sabbath, even during war training, he was bullied.
  3. And refusing to kill: Doss believed so strongly in not taking human life, that he wouldn’t even touch a gun.

2. He did his duty

courtesy of Quintin Gellar from pexels.com

3. He set a good example

4. He stuck to his (non) guns

5. He didn’t hold grudges


6. He was modest

7. He endured patiently when life hurt

8. He cared for others

courtesy of Public Domain Pictures from pixabay.com

How does Doss’ story apply to us today?

Calling All Superheroes

Desmond Doss, receiving the Medal of Honor from President Truman, courtesy of wikimedia commons

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