How To Be A Remarkable SaaS CEO

David Cancel
Apr 29, 2016 · 2 min read

Marc Andreessen once famously said “Software is eating the world.” I think SaaS is eating the software world. Goodbye legacy software models.

The revenue model is better. The sales strategy is better. The products are better. The customers are happier.

Or are they?

For your SaaS business to work you need to retain and monetize your customers. You can add millions of users, but if they churn, or aren’t willing to pay you, you’ve failed.

While endless playbooks exist to help SaaS companies acquire customers, no one’s written the playbook on what companies need to do to create truly happy & valuable customers.

We chose CEOs for this guide because, simply put, you’re responsible for customer happiness. You can’t just hope that everyone cares about your customers. No, you need to lead by example. Everything flows from you.

I believe you need to commit to be a customer-driven business if you really want to drive customer happiness.

You have to create the approach to customer engagement, service, and measurement of satisfaction, and then you and your team will execute. If you don’t prioritize making customers happy, no one else will.

We’ve partnered with my friend Patrick Campbell, CEO of Price Intelligently, to create this brief read on what we think you should be doing to create happier customers.

Today I am sharing the entire book here.

No hoops, no lead forms, no nonsense.

I believe we’re all growing tired of the “leadgen” playbooks of the last decade and invite you to do the same with the content you create, set it Free. Your current and future customers will love you for it.

I hope this is helpful and would love to hear any feedback you have.

You can find the PDF, MOBI and EPUB versions of the book here.

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