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How To Build The Self-Confidence You Need To Win At Life


  • Are you confident enough to say “fuck all this bullshit, I don’t need it,” and stay grounded?
  • loneliness and feeling left out
  • Lower academic achievement
  • Lower life satisfaction

“Self-confidence without competence is of as little use as is competence without self-confidence.”

It means this: Going to business school is competence. But using your business competence to lead a company is self-confidence plus competence. They are only useful when combined.

Building Your Self-Confidence

So you become more self-confident if you become better at what you do. That’s the system, and it’s backed by research.

  1. Put them into practice
  2. See results
  3. Grow more confident
  4. Repeat

“That’s great and all, but what if I don’t see results? Plus, I don’t have the time to practice.”

If you want to make excuses, that’s fine. It’s your life. But this method of building self-confidence is based on real, tangible steps, and not intangible stuff like affirmations. Confidence doesn’t appear magically by itself.

“Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.” — Thomas Carlyle

“What competencies should I improve?”

That depends on what you’re after. But there are also some skills that I believe every person can benefit from.

  • Self-awareness — You can practice self-awareness by continuous self-reflection. Write down your thoughts; try to understand why you do what you do, what you can do better, and what you’re doing well. Know yourself.
  • Problem-solving — Our current school system dates from the industrial revolution. We’re trained to become cogs in a wheel. We’re not trained to solve problems in complex situations — instead, we do what we are told. But the world has changed and in the current state, the person that is better at problem-solving will win.

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