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How To Find True Connection

The Mission Newsletter, 8/10/18

The Stoic Call to Action

Episode 73 of The Mission Daily

Stoicism is, more than anything, a call to action to be present and form more meaningful relationships right now. It seems simple and hard all at once. Chad and Stephanie are here to guide you through all the ways to forge real, deep connections that can withstand true tests.

Listen to Episode 73 of The Mission Daily.

The Mission Daily is a podcast dedicated to accelerated learning and helping you become healthier, wealthier, and wiser. It is designed to help you learn — as fast as you possibly can.

The Mission Will Be Live!

This Monday, August 13th, we will be hosting another book club live event! 😄

The past few weeks, we’ve been reading Walt Disney: The Triumph of The American Imagination by Neal Gabler, and we can’t wait to discuss it with all of you!

The Facebook Live will take place on August 13th at 12 pm PT (3 pm ET). Don’t miss it!

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News That Matters


A study recently published by the CDC states that chicken is the most dangerous food. Although pork and fish led to more total outbreaks, it was chicken that actually caused the most confirmed illnesses.

There are many reasons why people get sick from chicken. Cross-contamination is the biggest issue — when chicken bacteria gets into other things you’re eating — but undercooked poultry was also a factor.

By and large, the chicken you buy is safe to eat, but precautions should be taken when prepping your food. To keep yourself safe from chicken-borne illness, be sure to wash your hands with warm, soapy water before and after handling the raw poultry, use a meat thermometer to check its fully cooked before eating, and keep your leftovers refrigerated.


The CEO of PepsiCo, Indra K. Nooyi, who has led the company for 12 years, helped PepsiCo find healthier options, and oversaw a $65 billion revenue year in 2017, is stepping down from her position.

Ms. Nooyi’s impact on PepsiCo cannot be understated. Over the past decade, she has transformed the company dramatically, expanding its presence in international markets, and also shifting its products increasingly into healthier beverage and snack choices. In addition to Doritos and Mountain Dew, it now offers customers baked chips and water brands like Lifewtr and Bubly, and it recently acquired Bare Foods, a maker of baked fruit and vegetable snacks. — NYT

When Nooyi took over in 2006, Pepsi was bringing in $35 billion in revenue. Now, in addition to adding $30 billion to that number and doubling the price of company shares, Pepsi is diversified in what it offers and half of its revenue comes from healthy snacks and drinks. Moving forward, Ramon Laguarta, who has been with Pepsi for 22 years, will be taking over as CEO and is looking to build on Nooyi’s work.


From grand adventures like traveling around the globe in a hot air balloon, to bunkering with strangers during a hurricane, to investing in companies that have and will change the world, Richard Branson is always taking risks. And somehow, he always manages to keep his cool.

In a recent interview, the billionaire gave some tips on how to keep your wits about you in just about every situation:

I think humor is important. Putting on a brave face, cracking jokes, plenty of hugs. Hugs are important … The only way you’re going to survive is by keeping focused, by staying positive. Even if you’re facing almost certain death. You’re definitely going to die unless you fight to the bitter end. There have been circumstances where on paper we had a well over 90 percent chance of not coming home. I think by staying focused, by staying positive, and with a big dose of good fortune, we made it all the way back.

Join us at SIGNAL!

If you don’t have your ticket to SIGNAL yet, head over to signal.twilio.com and get your ticket for 20% off by using the promo code: MISSION20. The Mission team will be there, so please drop by and say hi! 👋

Tech Trends

Another job lost to the robots! Just kidding… kind of.

Disney has introduced the world to a stuntman robot prototype called Stuntronic that has the ability to move, fly, and even do somersaults. The company hopes that, eventually, these bots will replace the animatronic figures like Buzz Lightyear that are currently in the park but are limited to being stationary.

The 90lb animatronic has a body made of three sections and pneumatic cylinders that provide flexibility. It uses an in-built accelerometer and gyroscope to guide its high-flying stunts through precise calculations. The robot is a result of development from a Disney research project called Binary Robotic Inertially Controlled Brick (BRICK).

Marketing Trends

Clothing company Levis has rolled out an ambitious plan to massively reduce its carbon footprint. By 2025, the company’s goal is to use 100% renewable energy in all of its facilities. But the bigger news is that it wants to work with suppliers to also cut their emissions by 40%.

By partnering with folks down the assembly line, Levi’s is hoping to have an even bigger impact on the climate-change playing field, and at the same time have a ripple effect in the entire clothing market.

Levi’s is the first apparel company in the U.S. to set targets under the Science Based Targets Initiative, though others, including Gap and Nike, have committed to do the same. Since apparel brands often share the same suppliers, as Levi’s helps suppliers improve, other brands will benefit, and the company hopes that others will follow with targets of their own.

Education Trends

While private companies like SpaceX and government entities like NASA are frequently drumming up the big headlines when it comes to space technology, the future of what goes up into outer space is often in the hands of students. Specifically the ones at Ohio St in the electroscience laboratory, which earlier this year launched CubeRTT, a satellite that will hopefully help solve an increasingly annoying problem.

As the need for wireless services worldwide continues to increase, Johnson said, the growth of manmade radio transmissions is making it increasingly difficult to detect Earth’s natural microwave radiation. This influx is called radio frequency interference, or RFI. … The technology on board is designed to solve a major problem for researchers by breaking through noisy radio transmissions that can interfere with efforts to detect from space what’s happening on Earth.

The Best of What We Are Doing

Yesterday, we embraced our inner child and went to a hands-on science center! 🔬 🤓

It was an absolute blast. 🚀 This provided an opportunity to not only learn a few new things, but relearn quite a lot of old concepts that we hadn’t thought about since elementary school science class.

Our Weekend Challenge For You: Remember what it was like to be in awe by the science that surrounds you? Embrace that kidlike wonder, and go explore! Check out your local science museums, do a mini-experiment at home with your family, or go outside and observe the natural processes around you. 😊

Happy Friday!

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