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How To Grow Your Instagram — Everything You Need To Know.

Btw, have you every asked yourself if your Instagram is actually even worth growing? If not, you should. It might help save you a whole bunch of time and energy. It’s not worth it for everyone…
Growth = Reach x Retain
Reach = Posts + Hashtags + Interactions + Tags + Ads

Posts — Ideal posting rate:

This means figuring out the number of posts (photos, videos, stories, live sessions) you should do to maximize your new followers per week.

Every audience is different. A simple spreadsheet tracking each week’s new follower stats will be enough information to find the number of posts that’s right for you. FYI — here’s an article about the best Instagram content scheduling and post automation tools. Using them will help your posting process a lot more efficient 👍🏽

Hashtags-Most effective hashtags:

To reach the largest number of relevant people who can turn into followers, always include a different number of 5–7 randomly ordered hashtags that have the largest number of posts and most accurately describe your content, in the first comment of your posts. You can read this article on Instagram hashtags to dive deeper into the details and learn how to find the best hashtags for your particular account.

When it comes to hashtags, the two most important things are to make sure to post them in your first comment and to only use niche hashtags that are the most relevant to the exact content you create.

Interactions-Maximize number of interactions:

The larger the number of interactions (likes, comments, DM’s, etc) you have with accounts that don’t know about you (but may find your content valuable), the more times your username will appear on other’s activity feeds and the larger the number of people who will discover you.

The reason why you grow faster by maximizing interactions is because you show up in a much larger number of activity feeds. Most Instagram users still check their activity feeds. The process is as follows: Someone discovers your username through their activity feed because you liked one of their posts → they tap on your username → they check out your profile → if they like it, they follow it, if they don’t they just continue life as normal. The larger the number of interactions you do per day, the more times this happens and the more opportunities you give yourself to be discovered and followed.

Tags-Maximize number of tags:

To reach as many people as possible through tagging, you want to receive as many tags, from as many accounts as possible — preferably, those who have highly engaged followings and sincerely like what you do.

You can get very high returns by being promoted by the right, most valuable, influencers.

Ads-Run effective ads:

The last of the Reach activities is running Instagram story ads or “Sponsored Post” (home-feed) ads to be discovered by the largest number of people possible.

Retain = Content Fit + Post Quality + Grid Visuals

Target Audience Knowledge:

To be able to convert the target audience you Reach into followers, it’s essential that you first understand what they consider “great” content.

The audience in my Instagram repost account @potteryforall account likes content of overhead flat-lay photographs of ceramics placed close together, bright, strongly colored ceramics, ceramics with intricate, unique designs, photography in natural lighting, insightful videos of intricate production processes, as well as insightful and personal captions about the ceramic artists’ life and process. You should also know your audience this well.
This is an example of the common characteristics I found when analyzing the most highly engaged with posts in the Explore page as well as the #modernceramics & #instaceramics hashtags found through my account, @potteryforall.

Post Quality-Well executed, differentiated and engaging:

Now that you know what content your audience finds valuable, how many of them you Retain depends on how well you’re able to execute that type of content. Do you have the skills necessary to execute that level of content quality?

Bigger is always better when it comes to photo and video display. Another benefit of generating high-engagement is that your content is much more likely to be surfaced higher in home feeds and explorer pages by the Instagram Algorithm.

Grid Visuals-Differentiated and visually appealing:

Last but not least, your grid visuals are a measure of how appealing your content appears in grid-view when people first find your Instagram and scroll through your feed. Most people take 3–5 seconds to scroll through in Instagram account when they first discover it (like the video below) and make up their mind on whether or not they want to follow it based on that first impression. Because of that, the better you’re able to visually communicate your value through your grid, the higher percentage of people will convert to “Follow” your page.

Something as simple as making sure all of your photos/videos have a similar background color will have a noticeable effect on overall grid visuals.
To find these stats, you need to have an Instagram Business account.
The Instagram Growth Formula

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