How to Introduce People to New Ideas

An Intro to “Crossing the Chasm”

3 min readFeb 7, 2023


Hello, world changers!

It’s very difficult for people to adopt new ideas. Whether it’s Henry Ford’s Model T, Intuit’s idea of an automated accountant, or the teddy bear — people are skeptical of new inventions.

So how do you “bridge” the gap between people’s current thinking and new ideas?

On today’s episode of Mission Daily, Mission CEO Stephanie Postles shares her take on what she calls “bridging” — a concept you may know as “crossing the chasm”.

What is Crossing the Chasm?

Geoffrey Moore first described the “Crossing the Chasm” theory in his 1991 book of the same name. The gist is that there’s a gap between those who are eager to take risks and try new technology (the early adopters) and those who need more convincing before they adopt (the early majority).

So, how do you overcome this chasm and bring your tech (or new idea) to the masses?

In the most basic sense: you need to understand the difference between these early adopters and the early majority. The latter wants practical benefits, reliability, and a proven track record. They are more cautious and need more proof that a technology is useful before they adopt it.

How do you Cross the Chasm?

Let’s use Henry Ford’s Model T as an example. When Ford first introduced the Model T, many people were hesitant to adopt it as a mode of transportation. They were used to horse-drawn carriages and didn’t see the practical benefits of an automobile.

So how did Ford cross the chasm? Through innovative production techniques and marketing campaigns that highlighted the practical benefits of the Model T, he was able to attract the early majority and revolutionize the automotive industry.

(Shameless plug: Tune in to today’s Mission Daily episode to hear exactly how Ford did this.)

In other words, to cross the chasm, you need to change your approach to marketing and product development to meet the people where they are at. It doesn’t have to be dramatic changes, but it is a crucial step in taking your tech to the masses.

That’s it for today. Keep changing the world!


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