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How to Introduce People to New Ideas

An Intro to “Crossing the Chasm”

What is Crossing the Chasm?

Geoffrey Moore first described the “Crossing the Chasm” theory in his 1991 book of the same name. The gist is that there’s a gap between those who are eager to take risks and try new technology (the early adopters) and those who need more convincing before they adopt (the early majority).

How do you Cross the Chasm?

Let’s use Henry Ford’s Model T as an example. When Ford first introduced the Model T, many people were hesitant to adopt it as a mode of transportation. They were used to horse-drawn carriages and didn’t see the practical benefits of an automobile.

Worth Checking Out

The Bessemer Venture Partners Anti-Portfolio — A fun list of investments Bessemer Ventures should have made — and a list Albert likes to reflect on regularly. Includes great examples of companies that figured out how to cross the chasm.

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