If You Listened To Them All, Would You Ever Do Anything?

If you’re ever feeling overwhelming stress, don’t work out. Don’t start saying “ohm” and meditating either.

Those are some pretty great stress-zappers — but the number one cure is talking to entrepreneurs. I’m surprised it hasn’t been scribbled on a prescription pad yet.

A networking event with entrepreneurs will make any of your worries melt away quicker than any Soul Cycle workout. Because if you talk to the right people, anything you’ve done will seem completely sane.

I love networking with fellow business owners, and the last social event with entrepreneurs I went to was on a boat (of all places). Flash forward a few Martinis and way too many fast-paced events, and I was on my way to an inspirational woman’s 4am speech.

Because who wants to rest and relax on the only vacation they’ll be able to get in two years?

Somehow I ended up talking to two very well-known rock climbers. They were speaking about turning their passion for laughing at death into a business, and started getting into their last climb.

“Well we had lunch at 2,000 feet while tethered to a small chair on the face of a mountain…”… “AND that’s when we started noticing the storm was rolling in” the other one interrupted.

I’m not going to tell you their whole story (to be honest my sleep-deprived brain was a little foggy at that point), but I remember feeling very concerned that they could enjoy a turkey sub when a wall of possible death was literally creeping towards them.

I asked what any reasonably sane person would: “why the hell do you climb?”

And they answered in (strange) unison “Why not?”

My first, second, and third response was “because there’s something called gravity…”

But then I thought better and went with my fourth response, which was to shut my mouth.

I could’ve gone into quite a few different reasons why not. But then I looked back and remembered that I’m someone’s stress reliever too.

You can ask “why?” to everything. And there will always be a reason why not to.

Why get out of bed every morning? There’s a thousand threads you can count telling you “no”.

Why did Eleanor Roosevelt champion against discrimination? There were groups formed against her while the Los Angeles Times called for her to be “forced to retire from public life”.

Why did Amelia Earhart fly across the Atlantic? There were thousands of miles and plenty of water telling her otherwise.

Why does anybody do anything worth doing?

Because everything worth doing has the most “why’s.”

Because you can. And maybe you should.

Because Roosevelt said, “If you listened to them all, would you ever do anything?”

Because just like Earhart, you’ll tell yourself, “I want to do it because I want to do it.”

When I started my business there were a million reasons why not to.

For starters, I had to put a roof over my head with no salary. But it was much more than that–everybody on Wall Street was laughing in my face and telling me I had my own mountain to climb.

So when you’re starting that new business, don’t think about why it’s safer to be an accountant, look at why you can do it. And when you’re trying to be successful, realize that you may be on the right path if you’re getting told “no.”

Remember, as Eleanor Roosevelt said “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”