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If You Look for Them, You Will Find New Beginnings in Your Endings


Some of the best things that have ever happened to me in my life seemed like the worst things when they happened. When the shit hits the fan in our lives, it often feels like the end of the world.

But there’s also tremendous power in hitting rock bottom because there’s nowhere to go but up.

Throughout history, significant failures have planted the seed for great success.

  • Ray Kroc was a 52-year-old milkshake machine salesmen that had an extensive resume of failures before he built the McDonald’s restaurant empire.
  • Seth Godin created multiple businesses and wrote multiple books that failed before he became labeled “a cultural visionary” that “we would need to invent if he didn’t exist.”
  • In my own life, getting fired from my first job, and all the others, seemed like the end of the world when it happened. But each time was the beginning of a new chapter. Not only did getting fired give leave me with a resume of failures, but it gave me a lifetime of material to write about, and lit a fire under my ass to succeed on my own terms, and deliberately design my life and career.
  • A series of issues in my personal life (a breakup, financial losses, and end of important friendships), sent me into the depths of depression at the end of 2014. But all of it forced me to see a therapist for the first time, really examine my past relationships, and truly understand that to design the future you have to let go of the past.

If we are going to live a fully expressed life, one in which we arrive at the crossroads of should and must over and over, there will be peaks valleys, dips, and detours.

Dark chapters are simply part of any story in which you don’t leave any edges unexplored and any corner unturned. In what my friend Pamela Slim refers to as a full-color full contact life, you’re going to occasionally get punched in the face. What matters is if you get back up after you fall.

If you’re in the midst of darkness and consumed by grief, remember Ryan Holiday’s wise words that The Obstacle is The Way and the ancient wisdom that “this too shall pass.” If you look for them, you will find new beginnings in your endings.

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